MGM Grand Detroit Casino Off the Hook for Gambler’s $6 Million Loss

  • Gino Accettola gambled away $6m investor funds earmarked for construction projects
  • The investors sued the MGM Grand Detroit for liability of these losses
  • The Michigan Court of Appeals rejected the lawsuit, saying the casino is not accountable
  • Accettola is already serving a seven-to-30-year prison sentence for financial crimes
judge holding gavel
Judges have ruled that the MGM Grand Detroit is not liable for allowing Gino Accettola to gamble away $6m worth of investor funds at its casino facility. [Image:]

No liability for MGM Grand Detroit

The MGM Grand Detroit casino is not liable for the $6m worth of losses that one gambler accumulated at its facility, the Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled.

The case involved Gino Accettola, 52, who was supposed to put the funds towards construction projects on behalf of a dozen investors. When he gambled them away on blackjack instead, the investors proceeded to file a lawsuit against the MGM Grand Detroit. 

the casino acted completely in good faith

The appeals court upheld a previous ruling from the Wayne County Circuit Court, with the judges concluding that the casino acted completely in good faith. They also acknowledged that the MGM Grand had no awareness of the Accettola’s limited gambling competence and no idea what the funds were earmarked for.

The lawsuit against the casino

The lawsuit against the MGM Grand Detroit alleged the casino could have stopped Accettola from gambling away the $6 million intended for construction projects in Michigan and Florida back in 2014. 

Accettola was convicted in 2018 of fraud for a separate crime and is serving a prison sentence. He will be in prison for between seven and 30 years for his financial crimes. During his trial, it was revealed he had gambled investors’ money at the Detroit casino.

Accettola received hospitality and credit from the MGM Grand casino during the time he spent gambling at the facility. In total, he got $131,520 worth of VIP perks.

While admittedly the casino could have conducted a credit check on Accettola at the time, the judges said it was still not liable for any losses he accrued while gambling at the premises. 

The plaintiffs’ argument

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs argued that if a background check had been conducted by the casino, it would have shown that Accettola was unemployed and had no way of verifying the source of the money. A check would have also revealed his “extensive criminal record” of larceny and identify theft, among other charges, as well as a long time spent in prison. 

The investors’ attorney, Corey Silverstein, had also alleged that Accettola was “the worst gambler on the planet.” The judges noted that a casino is not accountable for judging of a gambler’s level of skill before accepting bets.

Accettola had been a frequent visitor to the MGM Grand Detroit for a number of years prior to the incident, which may explain why the casino did not run a customer background check on him.

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