Virginia Slot Machines Banned from Convenience Stores as Gambling Rules Revised

  • Betting rules update on June 7 deems slot machines illegal
  • All game machines ordered to be removed within 30 days
  • Slots manufacturers and convenience store owners protest decision
finger pressing collect button on slot machine
Virginia’s revised gambling laws required slots to be removed from convenience stores within 30 days.

Betting rules revised

The state of Virginia has recently lost its convenience store slot machines as new betting rules sweep America. While it was thought that the games would be saved under new licensing agreements, it has now been established that they must all be removed.

While Virginia is generally opposed to gambling, any game that involves skill rather than just chance is legal in the state. This explains why the slot machines in convenience stores were at first believed to fall under the ‘legal’ category.

During a period of consultation with the Commonwealth’s Attorney, Joseph Platania, earlier in the year, the machines were deemed to be compliant. However, this position was updated on June 7th, with the games deemed illegal. The so-called ‘Queen of Virginia’ slots were given just 30 days to be removed.

Angered manufacturers and owners

The slots manufacturers and shop owners who display these machines are not happy with the turnaround. Manufacturers have voiced their concerns that Platania has ignored correspondence despite requests for meetings. They pointed out that, so far, the games have generated more than $300,000 of tax revenue for the area.

The decision has also angered owners of convenience stores where the games are kept, as many have to pay upfront. One owner is Saurabh Godhwani. He originally paid for just one machine, but then ordered another three as they became popular with customers. He has now been instructed to get rid of them all.

Like the manufacturers, Godhwani believes that the games require a degree of accuracy and timing. He claims that skills, more than luck, is the deciding factor.

With the deadline now up, Platania is expecting all stores to immediately remove any remaining slot machines from their premises.

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