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Aztec Themed Slots

The Aztec Empire was one of the most dominant civilizations in the Americas between the 14th and 16th centuries, and their relics and iconography remain prominent in media around the world to this day. Visitors to Mexico still flock to the group’s pyramids, while their gods and symbols are found in art and films throughout the world.

Given the wide recognition of their symbols, it’s no surprise to find that the ancient civilization has become a popular theme for slot machines and other games. The slightly exotic feel and the allure of “hidden riches” have made the Mesoamerican society a perfect fit for modern slots, and it is a theme that developers continue to go back to time and time again.

A Fascination with Ancient Cultures

The Aztecs are hardly the only people that have been memorialized in the world of slots. People recognize ancient civilizations and often associate them with great adventures – an excellent atmosphere for any game.

You’ve probably even played some of these machines before. Ancient Greece is well represented, particular in terms of mythology – something that the ancient Norse people have also lent to the gaming world. Egypt and Rome are also popular settings for slots, and there are even other South and Central American cultures that have been used as inspiration, such as the Mayans.

Theme is Popular Both Live and Online

There have been countless games created with an Aztec theme, both for live casinos and for those on the Internet. Some games delve more heavily into the theme than others, but all of them make it clear that the ancient people of Mexico are at the center of the action.

One of the most popular live examples is Wild Aztec by Konami. This is a pretty standard video slot, with a few potentially lucrative bonus rounds: in particular, a free spins round that often comes with full reels of wild symbols that can make it very easy to win hundreds of times what you initially put into the machine. Other popular live options include Aztec Kingdom, Aztec Dream, and Aztec Dawn. These machines are almost always five-reel video slots, as are most heavily-themed games.

You can also find plenty of these games online. There are quite a few that clearly use the theme, and several more that allude to it. A few of our favorites include:

Aztec Treasures – This 3D title, created by Betsoft, is one of the best-known slots based on this civilization. The machine uses a lighthearted theme with plenty of special features, including a free spins bonus, instant wins, random wilds, and a couple of second screen bonus rounds that offer the potential for huge rewards.

Aztec’s Treasure – While this may have a similar title to the last one, RTG’s entry into this genre offers a completely different experience. Part of the Real Series, this is a staple at RTG-powered casinos, and uses the same basic framework of all the titles in that line. There are five reels and 20 lines of action on every spin; not only can you earn free spins and other instant rewards, there is also the potential to win a small progressive jackpot (usually worth a few thousand dollars) on any spin.

Aztec Idols – This was created by Play N’ Go, and features crisp, sharp graphics that truly present the feel of Central America. You’ll lead adventurer Rich Wilde through some forgotten ruins, where you might find long lost relics that are worth hundreds or even thousands of credits each. Combine that with free spins that come with huge multipliers, and you have a title that has attracted plenty of attention from players.

Gonzo’s Quest – While this doesn’t name-check the civilization by name, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest definitely hits on plenty of the same themes, albeit from the perspective of a Spanish explorer looking for adventure in the new world. The animations are top-notch, with Gonzo himself prowling around the screen while you play. The most notable feature here is the collapsing reels bonus, where winning symbols will fall off the screen to make room for even more wins, which come with increasingly large multipliers.

This is just a small sampling of the Aztec slots on the market today. Developers aren’t going to stop making Aztec-themed games anytime soon, and while they won’t all be hits, these machines do tend to be fun and contain interesting visuals. If you’ve always wanted to explore hidden ruins or explore the ancient civilizations of Central America, these slots may give you just a little taste of what you’re looking for.

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