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Themed Slot Machines

The classic slot and fruit machines were basic in their nature, and generally featured conventional symbols such as bells or fruits. As the machines developed over time, themes and storylines were added to improve playability and entertainment. Online casino games really know no bounds these days, with animations, 3D video graphics, real footage and digital audio. The selection of games available in online casinos today, covers almost every theme imaginable, and there is now a diverse range of games out there to suit every taste.

Some players prefer to choose a game based on the features or the jackpot levels, but many are drawn to a particular game because they are familiar with, or are a fan of the theme itself. Developers have latched onto this, and have bought the rights to develop games from movie franchises, music acts, TV shows, comic books, and even famous people such as Elvis and Marilyn Munroe. Below is just a small selection of some of the most popular types of themes that have been used for online games.

Movie-Themed Slots

Movies are big business, and that extends to the gambling world. Successful games such as Iron Man have already spawned sequels, while other classic titles such as Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters have also been developed into games. IGT is one game designer which was quick to develop games from movies, and as games have become more complex, more has gone into the design. Themed games will always use symbols and music which relate to the theme, but they can now also include animations and real video footage from the movie to enhance the gaming experience. Many bonus features are launched with some footage or action from the movie, and this acts as a reward for the player when activating a bonus round.

TV-Themed Slots

TV Shows have not escaped the attention of games developers either, with cult programmes like Game of Thrones, South Park and Star Trek all undergoing the slot treatment. Again, these games use graphics and animations that will appeal to fans of each particular show. If you happen not to like a certain theme, the game is best avoided, as it can become quite tiresome watching footage or animations of a theme you have no interest in. Thankfully there are so many different themed games out there, that there really is something for everyone.

Music-Themed Slots

Music-based games have always been popular, and some of the greatest bands have been used as a theme for slot machines. The likes of Kiss, Guns N' Roses, and Elvis have all had games based on them, and it is a treat for fans. The Kiss online slot, for example, plays familiar guitar riffs every time the reels spin, with additional music being played when winning combinations hit. Entry into the bonus round features a generous piece of real concert footage of the band, and one of their tracks plays from start to finish while you play the bonus round. There is more concert footage when the bonus game ends and it’s a great example of how a slot can be made more entertaining via the theme.

Comic-Themed Slots

Comic Book games are always popular, perhaps because they appeal to the inner child that wants to play. Software providers have taken advantage of this by developing games from a wide range of comic book themes, including games based on The Avengers, Batman and X-Men.

History-Themed Slots

Historical eras are another popular theme among game developers, with ancient Egypt and ancient Rome being two of the favourite themes that have spawned a multitude of different games. Famous Egyptian-themed titles include Queen of the Nile II, Cleopatra’s Gold, and Book of Ra; while popular Roman-themed titles include the likes of Spartacus Gladiator of Rome and Caesar’s Empire.

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There are more themed games than we can cover in one article, and there are many more themes out there. These include animal-themed games, underwater themes, Oriental and Wild West games, Romantic themes, and games designed specifically for female players, sports based games, and alien or outer space based games. We’ve got a huge selection of free games which can also be played for real money, so you can search for exactly the type of game that you want to play. In an effort to help you find what you're looking for, below you will find links to some of our other pages about themed slots that you might be interested in.