Golfer Max Homa Slams Fan for Heckling During Putt Over $3 Side Bet

  • A fan yelled during one of Homa’s shots encouraging him to miss
  • The person had a $3 side bet that Homa wouldn’t make the putt
  • Homa has concerns about fans disrupting golfers over bets
Golfer making a putt
PGA Tour player Max Homa has criticized a fan who heckled him mid-putt because he had a $3 side bet on the line. [Image:]

PGA Tour golfer Max Homa has ripped into disruptive fans who are gambling while attending professional tournaments. Speaking following his third round at the BMW Championship, the 32-year-old claimed that a fan yelled during his backstroke on the 17th green, encouraging him to “pull” the shot because of a bet.

he’s just the biggest loser there is.”

Chris Kirk was also subject to heckling when trying to make a putt on the same green. Talking about the disruption, Homa said the fan was “probably drunk — I hope, for his case, or else he’s just the biggest loser there is.” The six-time PGA Tour event winner learned that one of the fans had made a $3 side bet over him sinking his putt.

While Homa emphasized that he loves that people are able to gamble on golf, he has concerns about fans disrupting shots when they’ve money on the line. The California native did end up making the putt on the 17th hole, so he was happy that the rude patron lost his wager. He finished in tied fifth place Sunday, ending the tournament six shots behind the victorious Viktor Hovland.

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