Twitch CEO Outlines Terms for Stake, Roobet, and Other Banned Sites to Return

  • Clancy before said only sites approved by US regulators could appear on Twitch
  • Now, CEO said Twitch would allow sites prepared to abide by most country regulations
  • The disparity of earnings to creators made Twitch ban the offshore gambling sites
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The Twitch CEO has opened the door for banned gambling sites to return to his streaming platform provided they pass “the regulations of most major countries.” [Image:]

Twitch’s polarizing decision to pull the plug on content featuring unregulated gambling sites in October led to the exodus of streamers including Roshtein and Trainwreck. The firm’s CEO Dan Clancy has now doubled down on that decision, while also leaving the door open for the banned sites to get regulated and return to Twitch.

As per Twitch’s current criteria, a government regulator must have already licensed a casino website for it to qualify for the platform.

extended a further olive branch to banned sites

Clancy previously seemed to stress a US-based agency must provide this stamp of approval, but he extended a further olive branch to banned sites in an interview on Monday. Speaking with VTube streamer Filian, Clancy stated that if the sites were prepared to abide by “the regulations of most major countries,” Twitch would allow them on its platform.

In the same interview, Clancy reiterated that while Twitch was in favor of streaming regulated gambling content, it wasn’t comfortable with the amounts of money the unregulated offshore sites were earning via Twitch. “This significant amount of money to a small number of creators” Clancy explained, was what made the Twitch board vote to ban unregulated sites it “didn’t think […] was good for the community.”

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