Alabama Police Raid 14 Illegal Electronic Bingo Halls in Gambling Crackdown

  • Alabama’s attorney general issued the warrants for 14 bingo properties
  • Police found over 2,400 illegal gambling machines but did not make any arrests
  • The legality of electronic bingo halls has proven a contentious topic in Alabama
Police car lights
Police in Alabama raided 14 illegal electronic bingo halls in Jefferson County. [Image:]

Police in Alabama have raided 14 electronic bingo halls in the state as part of a crackdown on illegal gambling. State Attorney General Steve Marshall issued the warrants to raid the properties in Jefferson County on Tuesday.

earning tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis

Marshall held a press conference on Wednesday outside one of the bingo facilities to provide some details. He deemed people living nearby the illegal gambling facilities forgotten victims of the operations, noting that they gain no benefit despite the facilities earning tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

Police found more than 2,400 illegal slot machines during the raids but did not make any arrests. The establishments will remain closed for the moment.

Four of the bingo halls were already on the receiving end of legal action from the attorney general in 2019. The state clawed back unpaid taxes worth millions of dollars as a result.

Alabama is a state that has always been very conservative when it comes to gambling. The lottery and racing wagering are the main forms of legal gambling. Districts in certain counties, including Jefferson County, have issued licenses to electronic bingo halls despite state officials stating that electronic games are illegal.

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