Judge Tosses Suit Accusing Cristiano Ronaldo of Rape in Las Vegas Casino

  • A judge tossed the suit accusing Ronaldo of raping Mayorga in a Vegas casino in 2009
  • The judge punished Mayorga’s attorney for using stolen and leaked documents
  • Mayorga’s claims date back 13 years when Ronaldo supposedly raped her in a bathroom
  • The ruling could open the door for Ronaldo to join a team in the MLS, such as Inter Miami
A US judge has tossed a lawsuit which accused soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo of rape in a Las Vegas casino. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Case thrown out of court

A US judge has tossed a lawsuit accusing soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo of raping a woman in a Las Vegas casino in 2009.

use of stolen and leaked documents

US District Judge Jennifer Dorsey tossed the case out of Las Vegas court Friday. According to the Associated Press, she took the action to punish Leslie Mark Stovall — the attorney of Ronaldo’s accuser Kathryn Mayorga — for use of stolen and leaked documents capturing Ronaldo’s conversations with his attorneys.

Stressing “bad-faith conduct,” Judge Dorsey added that Stovall’s use of the documents tainted the case beyond redemption. Commenting last week, she said: “Simply disqualifying Stovall will not cure the prejudice to Ronaldo.”

The losing plaintiffs can appeal Dorsey’s decision to the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Thirteen years later

As it stands, Ronaldo has avoided paying millions more dollars to Mayorga. She sought a further payout through the courts despite a $375,000 out-of-court settlement signed after the initial allegations surfaced in 2010.

According to the Nevadan, Ronaldo exposed himself in a Las Vegas bathroom around 13 years ago. He then requested that she perform a sexual act on him. When the plaintiff tried to extricate herself, Ronaldo allegedly raped her.

recalled shouting “no, no, no”

In her testimony of the events, Mayorga recalled shouting “no, no, no” at Ronaldo. The soccer player then eventually stopped, said he was sorry, and apologized for his behavior.

An open door

Friday’s ruling could clear the way for a potential US future in Ronaldo’s career.

The owners of Cristiano Ronaldo’s current team, Manchester United, are reportedly keen on offloading the Portuguese’s salary. Media reports have linked Ronaldo with his ex-United teammate David Beckham, who owns MLS twam Inter Miami.

In addition, sportskeeda has cited reporter Stefano Benzi, who claims Ronaldo could fill the boots of departing Inter Miami top gun Gonzalo Higuain.

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