Nevada Police Nab Second Suspect in Armed Burglary of Poker Pro Chad Power’s Home

  • Nevada police officers arrested Trevaghn Battle, 26, on July 3
  • He faces multiple felony charges, including home invasion with a deadly weapon
  • Battle was reportedly “being held Wednesday on $200,000 bail”
  • Mobile phone GPS records placed the suspects at the pro player’s home
  • Power was playing poker in Vegas when his security system alerted him of the break-in
two armed burglars entering a dimly lit home
Nevada police have finally arrested the second suspect accused of the armed break-in of poker pro Chad Power’s Henderson home back in February 2021, stealing $1m in cash and casino chips. [Image:]

Suspects stand accused of stealing around $1m

Police in Nevada have arrested the second of two men accused of stealing around $1m in cash and casino chips in the armed burglary of poker pro Chad Power’s home in February.

a battery of felony charges

According to 8NewsNow, court records state that police arrested Trevaghn Battle, 26, on July 3. Citing documents obtained from the Henderson Police Department, the Las Vegas news site said Battle got hit with a battery of felony charges.

The charges relate to the February 10 armed burglary of Power’s Henderson residence. Battle and his accomplice Brock Brewer – whom police arrested and hit with eight felony charges in May – allegedly broke in through Power’s back door and made off with a safe containing bricks of cash and high-value poker chips. Authorities estimated the total worth of the contents inside the safe was between $900,000 and $1.1.

Battle’s charges are “home invasion with a deadly weapon, burglary in possession of a firearm or deadly weapon, theft greater than $100,000, owning a gun by a prohibited person, and conspiracy home invasion.”

Battle held on $200,000 bail

Police initially arrested Battle on prior 2020 charges of conspiracy sex assault, sex assault, and sex trafficking of an adult. They then hit him with the Power home invasion charges.

8NewsNow said police believed Battle might have been hiding out in the Miami area, and that he was “being held Wednesday on $200,000 bail.”

When police arrested Brewer, 32, in May, they said he described his accomplice in a jail phone call as a light-skinned Black male with dreadlocks. This fits Battle’s appearance. Despite being released on house arrest, Brewer got locked up again for failing to comply with a judge’s order. Like Battle, he was being held Wednesday, albeit on a $1m bond.

case against Battle and Brewer appears watertight

The case against Battle and Brewer appears watertight. Mobile phone records revealed the pair were in comms on the day of the burglary, and that GPS placed them at Power’s home.

Tipsters aided Power

Court documents state that Power called police a few days after the theft took place to pass on information that several anonymous tipsters indicated Brewer as one of the home invaders. One tipster also identified Battle as the alleged second man, police stated.

Chad Power has won over $610,000 at official poker tournaments during his career. At the WSOP Main Event in 2015, the pro player raked in $262,574 for finishing 26th.

Power, who was playing poker at a Sin City Strip hotel when his security system alerted him of the break-in, said he believed Battle and Brewer followed him home earlier, waited for him to depart, and then broke in.

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