IGT-Powered Cashless Wallets Approved for Nevada Slot Machines

  • NGCB approved IGT’s use of cashless wallets on slot machines on Tuesday
  • IGT’s cashless wallets allow players to deposit funds digitally into slot machines
  • IGT said its technology was the first in Nevada to offer cashless slot play
  • The gaming company also patented a method for players to transfer cryptocurrency
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Global gaming giant IGT has gotten off to a flying start in 2021 with this week’s announcement that the NGCB had green-lighted its use of cashless wallets on Nevada slot machines. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Loyalty cards used to deposit funds

London-based International Game Technology (IGT) announced Tuesday that the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has approved its use of cashless wallets on slot machines.

The global end-to-end gaming company won regulatory approval from the NGCB to allow Nevada establishments using IGT’s casino management system to give players the option of using Resort Wallet loyalty cards to deposit funds into slots.

effortless cashless slot gaming experience”

IGT said in a news release that the carded, cashless model would provide “the option of a reduced-contact, safer, and effortless cashless slot gaming experience” throughout the Silver State. IGT executive Ryan Reddy said his firm was grateful to the NGCB for “enabling this momentous debut in the State.”

First for Nevada

In the news release, IGT said its technology was the first in Nevada to enable cashless slot play through its wallet and casino management system.

Through their loyalty cards, customers can transfer cash into an IGT-powered secure digital wallet at casino cash desks or slot machines. Customers can then use the funds in their digital wallets for game play, including slots, sports wagering, and table games. Besides cash outs, customers can also move funds from slots to digital wallets and print out tickets showing their balance.

Reddy added that IGT’s product would “heighten the player experience” and position customers as “technology leaders” while also giving them “increased liquidity.”

IGT also added that the introduction of its cashless technology would cut down on machine maintenance, cash handling errors, costs, and security risks, while also promoting social distancing.

IGT eying crypto future

Cashless wallets are not IGT’s only digital breakthrough in 2021.

Also on Tuesday, the world’s largest maker of slot machines received, according to Bloomberg, “a patent for a way to transfer cryptocurrency between a player’s gaming-establishment account and an external cryptocurrency account.”

This gives players the freedom to use their mobiles to add Bitcoin to virtual wallets on slots. Company spokesman Phil O’Shaughnessy said IGT made the move “in anticipation of any possible future direction in regulated gaming involving cryptocurrency”.

The Bitcoin flexibility gives crypto adepts the convenience of converting their holdings into cash for digital wallets, instead of using cryptocurrency ATMs on casino floors.

IGT’s Nevada news follows the state’s ongoing cashless gaming drive. In June 2020, the Nevada Gaming Commission approved a raft of amendments regarding cashless gaming regulations. One of the key changes was to allow casinos to offer patrons the means to fund slots and table game play via mobile phones or tablets.

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