Details Emerge in New York-New York Casino Robbery Case

  • The robber, identified by police as William Clark, passed a note to the cashier demanding money
  • The cashier gave the suspect nearly $4,800 after he threatened to shoot her
  • Security camera footage tracked Walker from New York-New York to the MGM Grand
New York-New York Las Vegas casino exterior
Las Vegas police have provided new details of the New York-New York Casino robbery, allegedly committed by William Clark on June 11. [Image:]

Nobody was hurt

Police have revealed details of the New York-New York casino robbery that took place last week on the Las Vegas Strip. The suspect, wearing a hoodie and a surgical mask, reportedly passed a note to the cage cashier demanding money. The two engaged in a brief exchange before the suspect threatened to use a gun.

The suspect has since been identified as William Clark. He is currently being detained without bail in the Clark County Detention Center.

The note and the escape

According to police, Clark approached the main cashier cage of the New York-New York casino at 2:06am on Thursday, June 11, and handed the cashier a note which read: “give me the money.”

The cashier handed the note back to Clark, saying she could not read it. Clark argued with the cashier about the note until Clark finally put his right hand in the pocket of his hoodie and threatened:

give me your money, no one gets shot”

At that point, the cashier emptied the drawer and gave Clark around $4,800. Police say that security camera footage shows a man they believe to be Clark walking out of the New York-New York casino and going across the street.

Footage shows the man remove a hoodie and surgical mask, revealing a blue t-shirt and chain necklace underneath. He threw the hoodie in a garbage can and then proceeded to a hotel room on the 19th floor of the MGM Grand.

Hotel room search, questioning

After police arrested Clark less than two hours later, they searched the hotel room and found clothing that matched what was seen on video, along with a surgical mask. While being questioned, Clark said he did not commit a robbery and did not have a gun. The officer, however, had not mentioned a robbery or a gun before Clark made his remarks.

not reported if Clark actually had a gun or not

The police report did not specify whether or not the stolen money was found and returned to the casino. It was also not reported if Clark actually had a gun; his hand stayed in his pocket during the robbery.

The 41-year-old Clark will appear in court on Tuesday.

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