NFL Stars Face Arrest for Armed Robbery After $70k Gambling Loss

  • Case concerns Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks, Deandre Baker of the New York Giants
  • Robbery relates to a gambling session held two nights prior, where the NFL stars lost $70,000
  • Argument between Baker and another player broke out at a card game the night of the incident
  • Baker allegedly told two men to steal participants' money and valuables while pointing a gun
  • Both face four counts of armed robbery with a firearm, Baker charged with aggravated assault
armed robbery sees man with gun taking stacks of money from a victim
Two NFL players are facing armed robbery charges after allegedly losing $70,000 while gambling. [Image:]

Gambling activity allegedly led to crime

Two NFL players are facing accusations of carrying out an armed robbery in Miramar, Florida. Warrants have been issued for the arrest of Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Giants’ Deandre Baker.

The case allegedly relates to a gambling session that took place two days before the robbery, where the NFL stars reportedly lost $70,000 playing cards. Gambling activity also took place on Wednesday night at a party when the robbery occurred, according to the authorities.

Thousands stolen after card table argument

Baker is said to have been involved in an argument with another man at the party. The card table was flipped over during the dispute, after which Baker allegedly pointed a gun at the face of another player. He then told two men to “take money and valuables” from other attendees. 

told two men to “take money and valuables” from other attendees

According to the arrest warrant, the two men proceeded to steal $4,000 in cash as well as an Audemars Piguet watch worth $17,500 from a player. Another party attendee said they were robbed of $7,000 in cash and a Hublot watch estimated at $25,000.

Allegations against the players

While Dunbar seemingly was not in possession of a gun, he did allegedly help to steal valuables. Baker is said to have told a man in a red mask to shoot someone who had walked into the room.

A named witness, Dominick Johnson, said he knew the two players since they were kids. He had been present at the party, playing cards and video games. While he himself was not robbed or threatened, he told the police that Baker had a firearm. Other witnesses said they had not seen Baker carrying a gun. 

wanted on four counts of armed robbery using a firearm

The arrest warrant stated that Baker was armed with a semi-automatic weapon. Police attempted to talk to Baker using Johnson’s phone, but he would not speak and hung up the call. 

Dunbar and Baker are wanted on four counts of armed robbery using a firearm, according to a Miramar police statement released on Thursday. Baker is also facing four counts of aggravated assault. 

One of the victims said they believe the robbery had been planned. Three vehicles were used in the getaway, all of which were ready to flee the scene straight after the incident.

Response from the NHL teams

The New York Giants have informed that they are aware of the incident. They told ESPN that they have been in contact with Baker and will not be commenting further on the issue at this time. 

Speaking to NBC News, the Seattle Seahawks said they are still gathering information on what happened. The team will be leaving further comments up to the local authorities and league investigators.

The NFL also acknowledged its awareness of the robbery but would not issue any further comments. 

Dunbar is a 27-year-old cornerback who played for the Washington Redskins between 2015 and 2019, before being recently traded to the Seahawks. Baker is 22 years old and was drafted by the Giants with the 30th pick in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Both men are originally from Miami, Florida.

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