King’s Resort Reopens Europe’s Largest Poker Room

  • King’s Resort is home to World Series of Poker Europe
  • Cash games only right now, no tournaments
  • Staff required to wear face masks and shields, players must wear masks
  • Indoor restaurant closed, outdoor pop-up grill available
poker player peeking at A-K of clubs
King’s Resort has reopened its 160-table poker room and some casino games. [Image:]

No tournaments yet

King’s Resort in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, reopened the largest poker room in Europe this week after a two-month shutdown. Only poker cash games are running at the moment; tournament poker will start back up at a later date. In addition to poker, some casino games such as blackjack, slots, and roulette were also made available on Monday, May 11.

The casino is specifically advertising the launch of “Ca$h Game Night” Tuesday night to celebrate the relaunch, €2/€5 ($2.17/$5.43) No-Limit Hold’em.

The 160-table poker room has hosted the World Series of Poker Europe since 2017 and appears to be the long-term home of the now-annual event. It is also a stop on the WSOP International Circuit and the World Poker Tour. The World Poker Tour stop is called WPT Germany rather than WPT Czech Republic because Rozvadov is on the German border.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Czech Republic has not been as hard hit as most European nations. As of Tuesday, May 12, there have been 8,198 confirmed cases of the virus and 283 confirmed deaths as a result in the country. Neighboring Germany has had a much more difficult time, with 172,812 confirmed cases and 7,676 confirmed deaths.

Masks mandatory

On its Facebook page, King’s Resort explained the safety procedures that have been put in place to protect customers and staff from further spread of the novel coronavirus. The most noticeable measure is that all employees are wearing both masks and plastic face shields. A photo on Facebook shows a dealer seated at a poker table surrounded by several staff members, all wearing the protective gear.

All patrons are also required to wear masks everywhere on the property. Plastic face shields are not required for guests.

a staff member will immediately disinfect the area before someone else can sit down

When a gambler leaves a seat, a staff member will immediately disinfect the area before someone else can sit down. It sounds like there are specific employees designated to do this job.

From the Facebook photo, it does not appear that any sort of plexiglass shielding or “sneeze guards” have been installed at tables, as are being tested in some casinos in the United States.

Though the post did not specify, a couple Facebook commenters said that the poker tables will be six-max. None of those commenters identified themselves as a King’s Resort employee.

No indoor dining

While many poker players are excited to play live poker again, some have expressed disappointment at one other safety measure: no food or drink can be ordered in the casino. The precaution is likely in place to reduce the quantity of items that will be touched by multiple people, reduce the amount of saliva that could be transferred person-to-person, and minimize instances of close contact between people.

There is a designated spot at which patrons can place an order and tables outside at which to eat

People who would like freshly-cooked food can visit a “pop-up” grill restaurant just outside the building. There is a designated spot at which patrons can place an order and tables outside at which to eat.

Some food and drink will be permitted inside the building. For a “small charge,” patrons can purchase canned drinks and pre-made food in sealed bags.

All food and beverage restrictions will be lifted in two weeks. The hotel and restaurant, however, will remain closed indefinitely.

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