UK EuroMillions Winner Scoops £58m, Thought He Won £2.30

  • Carpenter Ryan Hoyle from Greater Manchester took home the top EuroMillions prize
  • Celebrated with parents and brothers through their window due to social distancing measures
  • Will now finish his work and help his parents retire with the winnings
EuroMillions ticket
A carpenter from the UK has scooped £58.3m on the EuroMillions after matching all five main numbers and the two lucky stars. [Image:]

Asked parents to confirm win

The UK winner who scooped £58.3m ($71.87m) on the EuroMillions has recalled asking his parents to check the amount was correct after receiving an email from the National Lottery telling him he had won a prize.

Ryan Hoyle, a self-employed carpenter from Greater Manchester, first believed he had matched just two numbers on the EuroMillions draw last Friday. While this usually bags the winner their money back at £2.50 ($3.08), the lottery that night only paid out £2.30 ($2.84) due to the total number of winners.

Hoyle was only able to have someone verify the full amount by driving to his parent’s house

Due to social distancing measures being in place because of COVID-19, Hoyle was only able to have someone verify the full amount by driving to his parent’s house and passing his phone through the window.

Celebrated while social distancing

The multimillionaire said he was shaking when the email arrived and that he couldn’t believe how many numbers were displayed. Hoyle said: “It looked like a lot of numbers. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.”

After a quick second opinion from his father, Hoyle celebrated by enjoying a beer with his brothers, again through the window, making sure to keep a 2m (6ft 6in) distance as per the UK’s social distancing advice. He added:

We kept more than two meters apart. I needed to talk to them and it really helped with the shock.”

Carrying on with his work

Despite his windfall, the father-of-one has promised to finish renovations on his brother’s house before considering what will happen next. Although he does plan to treat himself a new car and swap his rented one-bedroom apartment for a new home.

Soccer-mad Hoyle will also treat himself to a Manchester United season ticket and take his 11-year-old daughter on holiday to Florida.

First of all, though, he plans to help his parents. Hoyle said: “I want to help my parents retire, this week!”

His father was the one to confirm the win while his mother called out from inside the house, “Does this mean I can retire?” Now a multimillionaire, Hoyle has pledged to make this a reality.

Hoyle joins other big UK winners such as builder Steve Thompson, who celebrated his £105m ($128.43m) win by splashing out on a second-hand car. However, another lucky winner missed out on £1m ($1.23m) earlier this week when the 180-day deadline for claims passed without anyone coming forward.

The ticket was purchased in South Wales and the winning numbers were drawn on October 22, 2019. The money will now be given to charity National Lottery Good Causes.

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