SBTech-Powered Gambling Sites Down Following Attempted Cyberattack

  • SBTech's clients include BetAmerica, Oregon Lottery, and Golden Nugget
  • Platform provider shut down its data centers as a protective measure
  • No sign of customer data being accessed or stolen
  • UK-facing client plans to resume services at 8am GMT on March 31
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Platform provider SBTech shut down its global data centers as a protective measure following an attempted cyberattack on Friday evening. [Image:]

Global data centers shut down

Many SBTech-powered online gambling sites have been down for more than 48 hours as a result of an attempted cyberattack.

Partners of SBTech were informed about the cybersecurity attack on Friday evening. Some of the platform provider’s customers include BetAmerica, Oregon Lottery, and Golden Nugget.

SBTech shut down each of its global data centers as a protective measure

As a result of the attack, SBTech shut down each of its global data centers as a protective measure to prevent such an attack from being successful. This led to outages for the dozens of B2B partners that the company has worldwide. 

No apparent permanent damage

Account holders at platforms powered exclusively by SBTech (as opposed to just the sportsbook) have experienced issues with accessing their funds.

It is believed that the data stored by SBTech was properly encrypted and that none of this data was accessed or stolen. An investigan is now underway by law enforcement agencies in the United States. 

Clearance required before relaunch

Due to these issues, SBTech must receive clearance from respective regulators before its U.S. servers can be relaunched. At the time of writing, there is no concrete timeline as to when this might happen.

However, one of the company’s partners in the United Kingdom told customers that it plans to have its online offering back up and running by Tuesday morning at 8am GMT. 

Operators affected the most

SBTech has operations in six different U.S. states. BetAmerica uses SBTech completely for all of its online gambling offerings. The same goes for the Oregon Lottery Scoreboard offering. However, Resorts and Golden Nugget just use SBTech software for their sportsbooks, so their online casino services have been uninterrupted.

Globally, dozens of other SBTech partners are dealing with outages. These include the likes of Mansion, NetBet, and Virgin Bet. With sports betting revenues decimated due to the coronavirus pandemic, many online operators were hoping to make up some of this revenue shortfall with their online casino and poker offerings.

Not many details have been provided as to what type of cyberattack this may have been. However, a number of notable ransomware attacks have taken place in the past week. BetUS was reportedly attacked by crypto-ransomware group known as Maze. Whether or not this group had any involvement in the SBTech attack should become clear in the coming days.