AGA Announces New Campaign on Responsible Sports Betting

  • Have a Game Plan, Bet Responsibly promotes making smart decisions when betting on sports
  • Campaign has launched at Capital One area in D.C. and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas
  • Focuses on four principles: stick to bet limit, keep it social, stay informed about games, choose licensed operators
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The AGA’s new campaign focuses on four main principles aimed at educating gamblers to bet safely and responsibly. [Image:]

Educating sports bettors

The American Gaming Association (AGA) recently unveiled a new campaign that promotes sports betting responsibility, as the industry continues to grow in the United States.

Have a Game Plan, Bet Responsibly launched in both Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. It aims to educate sports bettors on responsible practices when taking part in wagering activities.

The campaign is now live inside the Capital One Arena in the nation’s capital and the T-Mobile Arena in Sin City. It will be added to other areas across the US in the future.

Four main principles

The campaign focuses on fours specific principles of responsibility. The first is to encourage bettors to set a wagering limit and keep to it. The AGA also recommends that gambling is kept social by enjoying placing bets alongside family, friends, and co-workers.

to encourage bettors to set a wagering limit and keep to it

It adds that bettors should stay informed and learn more about the games being played. The association also stresses the importance of placing bets safely with licensed and regulated operators.

AGA president and CEO Bill Miller said that, by encouraging bettors to create a plan when making wagers, the industry is sticking to its commitment of instilling responsibility within legal sports betting markets.

Involving the sports world

The AGA is using the Have a Game Plan, Bet Responsibly campaign to help the sports betting industry promote responsible gambling. An effort is being made to increase the engagement of teams and leagues, along with other entities in the sports world.

According to Miller, around 100 million American residents will be legally able to place sports bets within their home state by the end of 2020. He said: “It’s more important than ever that the gaming industry and our new partners in the sports betting ecosystem are proactive in equipping patrons with the tools they need to engage in these offerings in a responsible manner.”

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