UK Report Shows 6% Rise in Mobile Gambling for 2019

  • Overall gambling participation in Great Britain was up 1% since 2018
  • National Lottery remains most popular form of gambling in the region
  • UKGC report also shows drops in gambling ad views, level of trust in the industry
woman gambling at online casino on mobile
The recently published UKGC report found that mobile gambling participation rates in Great Britain saw a 6% year-on-year increase in 2019. [Image:]

Mobile gambling activity on the increase

Recently published research on Great Britain shows that mobile gambling during a given four-week period rose to 50% in 2019, compared to 44% in 2018. The findings come from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)’s annual gambling participation report.

In total, 21% of respondents engaged in online gambling, indicating a year-on-year rise of 3%. 56% of those who gambled online had signed up for multiple online gambling accounts.

Popularity of the National Lottery

The Gambling participation in 2019: behaviour, awareness and attitudes research found that, on average, respondents each had three online gambling accounts. Overall gambling participation in Great Britain was 1% for the year, with 47% of those surveyed having gambled in the previous four weeks. 

National Lottery draws are still the most popular form of gambling

This figure fell to 32% when excluding National Lottery contestants. The report findings show that the National Lottery draws are still the most popular form of gambling in Great Britain.

When it comes to sports betting, football and horse racing lead the way. 

Drop in gambling ad views, customer trust levels

The UKGC’s report shows encouraging signs in relation to the recent concerted effort to push for a gambling advertising crackdown in the UK. Of those surveyed, 51% had seen a television advert related to gambling in the previous week. This indicated a drop of 3% year-on-year. 

43% believed there are associations between gambling and crime

More key figures from the report point to a decrease in respondents’ levels of trust in the gambling industry. 43% believed there are associations between gambling and crime, which rose 5% from 2018. 29% felt that gambling is trustworthy and fair, indicating a 1% drop. 

The annual report combines the results from numerous online and telephone surveys that take place every quarter. The UKGC authorizes the research and strategy consultancy Populus to conduct such surveys on its behalf.

Nationwide changes may be on the way

The gambling sector in the United Kingdom has recently come under heavy scrutiny. Many groups are advocating a complete overhaul of national gambling legislation and tougher regulation of online gambling activity in particular. 

There are calls for significant curtailments on gambling company advertising, such as banning operators from sponsoring soccer club kits. The push for a £2 ($2.58) maximum stake cap on online casino games has also gained a lot of traction lately. 

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