UKGC-Twitter Partnership Ramps Up Responsible Advertising Efforts

  • Twitter will highlight settings and tools to enable users to limit their exposure to pro-gambling ads
  • This is the first partnership the UKGC has struck with a social media platform
  • The commission now aims to collaborate with other leading social media networks
  • Twitter is committed to working with industry partners to ensure responsible advertising
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The UKGC and Twitter are reinforcing their commitment to responsible online gambling ad policies by helping users limit exposure to pro-gambling messages and ads. [Image:]

A forward-thinking partnership

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is working with social media giant Twitter to “support their responsible advertising priorities.” The forward-thinking partnership is seemingly the first of its kind between a gambling authority and a major social media platform.

The UK’s gambling regulator is also looking at doing similar work with other popular social media platforms in the near future. 

Educating users about Twitter tools, settings

The commission will be discussing different ways in which Twitter can limit the amount of gambling content that is spread across the social media platform.

tools can be used to limit exposure to pro-gambling ads and messages on Twitter

This includes highlighting the various safety settings and tools that an individual can adjust on their account. Such tools can be used to limit exposure to pro-gambling ads and messages on Twitter. 

Some of the suggested actions include turning off notifications, managing profile interests, and using the mute feature. 

Long-running gambling advertising concerns

The UK has placed great emphasis on cracking down on the extent of gambling operators advertising their offerings. 

Because of its popularity, social media advertising, and Twitter in particular, is seen to expose pro-gambling messages to many young people, children, and vulnerable adults.

Responding to the issue, UKGC chief executive Neil McArthur announced a call to action through a press statement. He said, “This level of exposure is a concern and I have challenged the industry to quickly accelerate opportunities to reduce the amount of advertising seen by young people, children and vulnerable adults across all digital platforms.”

He referred to the ongoing attempts by the commission to create new standards for the ways the gambling industry utilizes advertising technology. McArthur hopes the Twitter partnership will help individuals to limit their exposure to gambling content in the meantime. 

Twitter committed to responsible advertising

Head of UK public policy at Twitter, Katy Minshall, said,

Improving the health of the public conversation is our overall mission as is ensuring those on the service feel safe and supported.”

Minshall spoke about Twitter’s ongoing commitment to enforcing its policies, especially with regard to restricted and banned ad content. The platform will also continue to assess the eligibility of certain ads on the platform. 

Twitter will continue ensuring ongoing collaboration with partners in the gambling industry to offer tools that will help meet responsible advertising rules. 

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