Former Bachelor Star Loses $1m Prize After DFS Contest Results Change

  • Second-place finisher spclk36 now named Millionaire Maker winner
  • Jade Roper Tolbert accused of colluding with husband to have an advantage in contest
  • Several DraftKings DFS contest standings since October 2019 reportedly updated
Jade Roper Tolbert lost $1m after DraftKings changed the results of the Millionaire Maker contest she won recently. [Image:]

DFS contest results changed

Former The Bachelor contestant Jade Roper Tolbert is now out $1m in prize money after a recent DFS event saw the contest results changed.

DraftKings now has the second-place finisher as the winner

Over the weekend, DraftKings announced an update for the standings of several contests, including the Millionaire Maker. Jade was originally the winner of the event. DraftKings now has the second-place finisher as the winner on the results list.

Revision announced online

On Saturday, DraftKings made the announcement that the standings would change for several of their daily fantasy sports contests. Customers impacted by the update were notified via email.

The sports betting provider posted the update on social media, including on its Twitter account:

The Millionaire Maker standings now list a player named spclk36 as the first-place finisher. The participant was in second place behind Tolbert when the contest first finished up.

According to Tolbert’s husband, Jade had not received the $1m prize money after the contest ended.

The collusion controversy

During the NFL Wild Card Weekend on January 4 and 5, Tolbert defeated over 105,000 entries and sat in the first-place spot in the standings once it was over.

Soon after the win, Tolbert was accused of colluding with her husband Tanner to have an advantage during the contest. VSO News reported that an investigation was carried out involving the couple and their daily fantasy sports accounts.

The couple allegedly coordinated their line-ups to improve the chances of Jade winning the $1m prize. Other contestants quickly pointed out the evidence while the duo maintained the win was simply luck.

With the Millionaire Maker, Jade and Tanner Tolbert entered 150 lineups, the maximum per individual DFS account. With the couple’s choices, many of the line-ups involved the same players. However, the quarterbacks were unique. The line-ups for Jade included quarterbacks in the AFC like Josh Allen of the Buffalo’s or DeShaun Watson of Houston. Tanner stuck with quarterbacks in the NFC, like Drew Brees of the Saints. Of the 300 total entries between the two, 298 were unique.

The couple are accused of having an advantage due to the increased number of unique line-ups, especially considering that the contest had only four games and a smaller player pool.

No comment from DraftKings

DraftKings has not provided additional details on the updated standings, nor did it comment on the fact that Jade Roper Tolbert is no longer the Millionaire Maker winner.

The DFS provider sent emails to customers involved in updated contest standings going back as far as October 2019. The emails stated that entries that moved up to a higher payout level would have the dollar amount credited to their account.

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