partypoker Updates Mobile App, Adds Features to fastforward Games

  • fastforward games can now be played in portrait orientation
  • SPINS and fastforward games can be multi-tabled together
  • Rec-friendly social features are available with in-game Diamonds currency
man holding smartphone with mobile poker app outdoors
The fastforward games on partypoker’s mobile app have received new social features and portrait orientation. [Image:]

fastforward gets a facelift

Online poker room partypoker has distributed another update to its mobile poker app. This time, the new features focus on fastforward games.

Like the update issued in November 2019, which was limited to SPINS games, this one also revolves around portrait orientation and social features. Last fall, the poker room said it would start rolling out those features to other game types early this year.

fastforward is partypoker’s version of the quick fold poker game, best known as Zoom Poker on PokerStars. In fastforward, players are automatically seated at a new table as soon as the hand ends. Players can also opt to be sent to the next table immediately upon folding. Rather than choosing a table to sit at initially, players enter a fastforward “pool” and the software does the seating.

Portrait orientation

Traditionally, poker has been played with the screen oriented in landscape mode. Users are accustomed to it on desktop apps, as that is how the vast majority of monitors are laid out. For this reason, it became the default for mobile poker.

smartphone can be held comfortably with one hand

partypoker, though, decided to give its players the option to rotate the screen vertically into portrait mode. The primary benefit to this is that the smartphone can be held comfortably with one hand and all screen clicks can easily be made with a single thumb.

As many as four fastforward games can also be tiled for multi-tabling. And because portrait mode is also available for SPINS Games, fastforward and SPINS tables can be played simultaneously.

Jaime Staples, a member of partypoker’s Team Online, said in a blog post: “The experience of just being able to play with one finger is something I have never had the chance to experience before. It’s so simple and intuitive!”

Social features

With the online poker industry’s continued emphasis on recreational players, partypoker has continued to tailor its mobile experience to those looking to simply have fun. To that end, it has expanded its “Diamonds” in-game currency to the fastforward tables.

items do not affect the poker hands at all

Diamonds are earned according to the number of hands played. They can be used to purchase inconsequential items that are used purely for entertainment. The said items do not affect the poker hands at all.

Items that can be bought with Diamonds include silly animations that can be “thrown” at opponents. All-in animations, emojis, and “bubble chat” are also included in the new features.

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