partypoker Software Updates Include Run It Twice Option

  • Run It Twice allows players to reduce variance during all-in situations
  • Returning of uncalled bets makes it easier to see pot size
  • ITM indicator helps tournament players monitor progress toward cashing
poker chips with two aces on green background
partypoker has updated its software to give players the option to run it twice when playing cash games. [Image:]

Update in time for the holidays

partypoker pushed out an update to its poker client this week, implementing a number of new features and improvements.

Highlights of the update include a new Run It Twice option in cash games, the returning of uncalled bets to make pot calculation easier, and improvements to the “in the money” indicator during tournaments. Cosmetic updates and bug fixes are also part of the software revision.

Run It Twice

The option of “running it twice” has been a staple of high stakes cash games for years. It became better known to the broader poker community on popular television shows like High Stakes Poker.

the remaining community cards are dealt two times and, in turn, the pot is split in half

When two or more players are all-in with no more action to come, they are given the option to run it twice. This means that the remaining community cards are dealt two times and, in turn, the pot is split in half. The winner of the hand after the first set of board cards is laid out wins the first half of the pot and the winner after the second set of board cards wins the second half. For example, if two players are all-in after the flop and elect to run it twice, two different turn and river cards will be dealt.

The idea behind running it twice is to ease variance. As no more skill is involved once the players are all-in, running it twice can reduce the luck factor. Running it twice is typically used in a situation where the players’ equity is close to even (someone who is nearly a lock to win would not want to run it twice), so the players often end up splitting the pot.

partypoker has only made Run It Twice available in fastforward games on the desktop client, but it will be rolled out to other cash games and the mobile client in the future.

Returning of uncalled bets

This is essentially a quality of life feature. Prior to this update, when players would go all-in, all of their bets would be displayed on the table. The problem this posed was that it was hard for players to quickly see how big the pot actually was.

For instance, if the pot was $100 before Player A shoved for $105 and Player B called all-in for $64, it would look like there was $269 in the pot, with multiple stacks scattered about. In reality, there was $228 in the pot, as Player B was only calling $64 of her opponent’s all-in. It’s just confusing.

With the update, Player A’s extra $41 would be returned to his stack. The end result would be that each player’s all-in would be displayed as two separate $64 piles of chips, making it much easier to read.

Improved tournament standings monitoring

While all of the information players need to keep track of a tournament is available in the tournament lobby, partypoker has made improvements to the “in the money” (ITM) indicator at the table.

the indicator changes colors based on the stage of the tournament

The ITM indicator now shows the player’s position and the number of players remaining in the tournament, the number of the players that will cash, the position for the next pay jump, and the prize for that next pay jump. The indicator box is located in the upper-left corner of the table window.

Additionally, the indicator changes colors based on the stage of the tournament.

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