Kenyan Preacher Killed by Mob over Gambling Machine

  • Calvince Otieno Onguru belonged to the Roho Mshanda Church
  • Claimed that he was trying to stop locals from wasting their money
  • Mob attacked the preacher using their fists, machetes, and stones
  • An investigation is underway to determine the true version of events
Kenya flag at sunrise
Calvince Otieno Onguro, a preacher who belonged to the Roho Mshanda Church, has been killed by a local mob after trying to remove a gambling machine from the area. [Image:]

Investigation launched

Detectives in Homa Bay County have launched an investigation after a preacher was killed by a local mob.

It has been alleged that Calvince Otieno Onguru was trying to steal a gambling machine from the Kodiera Shopping Center, which is in the sub-county of Ndhiwa.

he was trying to stop people wasting their money

Despite the preacher, who belonged to the Roho Mshanda Church, begging for mercy and explaining that he was trying to stop people wasting their money, the mob proceeded to attack him.

Caught in the act

The preacher allegedly turned the light off in the building where the machine was located. Locals said that he then locked most of the nearby residential houses from the outside to prevent these people from catching him in the act. However, a number of young men had already spotted him and raised the alarm.

A local witness explained what happened next. According to Jacob Mboya: “On realizing they were catching up with him [the preacher], he came out of his hiding, a nearby sugar plantation, and tried to run into a nearby cave but the youths had spotted him.”

Explained his actions

According to some of the people at the scene, the preacher proclaimed that he was not a thief after being caught trying to remove the gambling machine. Instead, he attempted to explain his actions to the mob.

He told them he was taking the gambling machine away to stop local people from wasting their money on gambling.

used their fists, machetes, and stones to carry out the killing

However, the mob did not believe his explanation and proceeded to kill the pastor on the spot. The mob used their fists, machetes, and stones to carry out the killing. The preacher was just 31 years old at the time of his death.

Police are still trying to determine whether the preacher was trying to help the locals or if he was stealing the gambling machine for personal gain. 

Gambling in Kenya

Gambling acitivity in Africa is rapidly increasing. Kenya is currently one of the biggest markets for gambling in the region, with participation rates being particularly high among younger men.

The Kenyan government is actively cracking down on gambling operations in the country. It suspended the betting licenses of 19 operators in July for failing to pay taxes.

This led to two of the biggest firms, Betin and Sportpesa, leaving the Kenyan market in September. The government will lose out on significant tax revenue from these operators. Their exit has also likely led to many Kenyans turning to betting operators on the black market instead.

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