Daniel Negreanu May Not Pay for Re-Entries in 2020

  • Negreanu believes poker events with re-entries ruins the experience for amateur players
  • Considering playing all of 2020 without paying for any, expects to cash less often
  • Tournament organizers want to be able to meet the demand for large prize pools
Daniel Negreanu sitting at poker table
Six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu has made it clear that he is not a fan of tournaments with re-entries. [Image: MasterClass.com]

Kid Poker makes his feelings clear

Poker legend Daniel Negreanu may not pay for re-entries at any events during his entire 2020 tournament schedule. The six-time WSOP bracelet winner is considering this approach despite it meaning that he will likely cash less often.

In recent years, re-entries have become a key part of poker tournaments. As prize pools are normally guaranteed, organizers have been happy to allow players who are knocked out to re-buy in subsequent rounds.

This is a change from the traditional approach of players exiting tournaments as soon as they busted. With this format, each player only has one opportunity to win the event or cash.

organizers have been happy to allow players who are knocked out to re-buy in subsequent rounds

Most events on the schedule these days, except for the WSOP, allow players to make as many re-entries as they like. This helps organizers meet the large prize pools that have become so popular in the modern era.

Many pros in agreement

Negreanu did note that he has paid for re-entries countless times over the years. However, he is now guilty about doing so. In a tweet, he said that he believes re-entries are hurting the amateur experience.

In response to Negreanu’s tweets, a number of other poker pros agreed with this sentiment. Greg Merson said that the abundance of re-entries in events is why he enters fewer tournaments these days. Frank Kassela even talked about potentially boycotting events of this kind.

What effect will this have on the poker scene?

The Las Vegas tournament schedule is currently in full swing with four major series running throughout December. 

This WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic with a $10,000 buy-in takes place next week at the Bellagio. This is one of the highlights of the poker event calendar each year. Unlimited re-entries are allowed, just like most of the other events that are part of this series.

While Negreanu is taking a stand, a lot of players are able to improve their bottom line by making use of re-entries. Tournament organizers also want to maximize buy-in totals to meet the large prize pools they put forth.

Negreanu is often outspoken about different elements of professional poker that he is not happy with. It was in July that he sparked a debate as to whether or not the use of VPNs to play online poker in the US, where it is illegal, is cheating or unethical. 

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