Grand Theft Auto Online’s New Update Expected to Include Casino Heist

  • New update teaser features a hack showing what appears to be a casino heist
  • Diamond Casino heist would be a first for GTA Online since its Doomsday Heist
  • Players expect new vehicles, weapons, and property to be included in the game
  • Rockstar Games has yet to reveal additional details of the December update
GTA Online December 2019 teaser
The recently released teaser of GTA Online’s December update reveals what appears to be a casino heist taking place in the game. [Image:]

Diamond Casino heist to appear in December

Rockstar Games, the mastermind behind Grand Theft Auto Online, has confirmed a December update to the game following the release of a recent teaser trailer.

a hack in the middle of the teaser shows what appears to be a casino heist

Posted on the game developer’s social media, the 12-second teaser features an advertisement for the Diamond Casino & Resort. A hack in the middle of the teaser shows what appears to be a casino heist taking place.

GTA players now expect a big robbery plan involving the venue to go down in the game update.

First heist for GTA since 2017

The GTA Online promo begins with an image of the Diamond Casino and upbeat music playing in the background. The words “Score Big in Los Santos Experience Inspiration” are displayed across the screen.

While the tagline seems to tell players that the casino provides big payouts, the characters in Grand Theft Auto Online see the venue as another type of score. As soon as the ad begins, a hack appears, showing a character walking through the casino and holding a case of some sort. The face of the character Lester and what seem to be some type of plans come into focus.

If the teaser does actually show a heist involving the Diamond Casino & Resort, this would be the first to take place in the game since December 2017, when the Doomsday Heist occurred.

GTA fans expect the new update to include several new vehicles along with weapons and a new property. These items would be used in the game to set up the casino heist. Rockstar Games has not revealed any more details on the upcoming release.

Casino feature not open to all players

The GTA Online casino opened in July of this year to much controversy. Concerns arose that young people who play the game might be influenced by the content, causing them to become vulnerable to gambling problems in the future.

many were disappointed that gambling laws in their region kept them out of the game

According to VSO News, following the casino addition to GTA Online, players in several countries were unable to access it. The large player base had anticipated the launch for a long time, and many were disappointed that gambling laws in their region kept them out of the game.

More than 50 countries have restricted access to Grand Theft Auto Online due to the Diamond Casino feature. Players in such countries can enter the casino building and interact with other players, as well as purchase in-game penthouses. But if they try to gamble with virtual money, an error message appears stating that the feature is not available.

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