Long Beach Police Detain 64, Arrest 11, in Illegal Gambling Raid

  • 64 people detained in and around the storefront
  • 11 later arrested, some for other bail offenses
  • One man hurt after being chased by a police dog
policeman making an arrest
Police have made 11 arrests after detaining 64 people during an illegal gambling raid in North Long Beach, California. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

SWAT team involved

Several people have been arrested after a SWAT team and vice detectives carried out an early morning raid on an illegal gambling business in North Long Beach, California.

The raid began with police serving a warrant on the business, which is located on Long Beach Boulevard just south of the 91 Freeway, at 4.30am. This resulted in 64 people being detained, with 11 being arrested.

located on Long Beach Boulevard just south of the 91 Freeway

Those arrested were both male and female, aged between 23 and 46 years old. All persons arrested are being held on bail.

While the raid took place due to concerns about the business being used as an illegal gambling den, arrests were made for other reasons.

Thrift store

Advertised as a thrift store, the business was, in fact, a front for an unlicensed gambling den. A total of 11 gambling machines were found inside the premises. Officers also recovered an undisclosed sum of cash.

Long Beach police spokeswoman Jennifer De Prez said that officers detained 64 people who were found either in and around the storefront, and detectives were still processing evidence some four hours later.

De Prez told how this raid was just one of many carried out over the last few months as police continue to crackdown on unlicensed gambling. She said:

The department will continue to take a proactive approach to target illegal gambling activity in the city, which can often lead to other violent crimes.”

One injury reported

She went on to say that the only injury reported in the raid was when one suspect attempted to flee and a police dog was sent to find him.

Edmond Sims, 36, was then taken to hospital for treatment to minor injuries and arrested. He was found to have resisted arrest and was charged with suspicion of wilful harm on a K-9 during his tussle with the dog.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Trinh, 45, was arrested on suspicion of accepting wagers while eight of those arrested were found to have outstanding warrants.

In August and October, other illegal gambling parlors suffered two deadly shootings. Since then, police have stepped up their raids, arresting eight people in October and detaining dozens more.

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