Man Convicted for Attempted Theft of Almost $200k from Wind Creek Montgomery Casino

  • Former casino employee teamed with casino staff member and two relatives
  • Staff member left cash kiosk keys for accomplice to pick up
  • Accomplice took cash boxes from machines, ex-employee left with money
  • Entire crime caught on surveillance recording, arrests made
"CONVICTION" spelled out with dice, with judge's gavel and statue of Themis
A local man has been convicted for the attempted theft of $192,800 from Wind Creek Montgomery Casino in August 2018. [Image:]

Crime committed more than a year ago

A 28-year-old man from Montgomery, Alabama was convicted for attempting to steal $192,800 from the nearby Wind Creek Casino in the summer of 2018.

He faces up to 20 years behind bars

Jory D’Michael Trayvunn Dumas was convicted for theft from a gaming establishment on tribal lands and conspiracy. Dumas is currently in federal prison awaiting his sentencing hearing. He faces up to 20 years behind bars.

Dumas had help on the inside

Dumas, a former employee of the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery, was fired for theft in 2017. He plotted with three other people to attempt to pilfer money right from the casino floor. Among them was Wind Creek employee Deandra Stanton, who Dumas recruited to get him keys to cash kiosks.

On August 10, 2018, Stanton left keys on top of a kiosk to kick off the heist. A relative of Dumas, Timothy Dean Pettiway, picked up the keys and used them to open two cash kiosks. He took cash cassettes from those kiosks and proceeded to hand them to Dumas in a nearby restroom.

The kiosks were chosen specifically for their proximity to the restroom and the casino entrance.

Dumas broke open the locked boxes and hid the money on his person. He then walked out of Wind Creek Casino with $192,800.

A fourth person, Tameka Thomas, also a relative of Dumas, monitored how the caper was going. She would send messages to Dumas via cell phone to apprise him of Pettiway’s progress.

Caught on camera

Dumas and Pettiway were arrested the following Tuesday, August 14. On discovering that the money was missing, the casino called the authorities. FBI agents viewed the security footage and spotted Pettiway kneeling by a kiosk, holding the stolen cash cassettes.

The footage showed Dumas walking into the restroom while Pettiway was known to be in the same restroom. Thomas was also seen entering the casino with Pettiway.

Pettiway kneeling by a kiosk, holding the stolen cash cassettes

Stanton tried to cover her tracks by reporting the keys to the two cash kiosks missing. However, she was seen on video placing the keys on the cash kiosk as well as talking to Dumas at one point.

Dumas’ and Pettiway’s cars and license plates were also visible on camera. The two men left at approximately the same time.

Pettiway has already been sentenced to 33 months in federal prison. Thomas and Stanton previously pleaded guilty to the crime but have yet to be sentenced.

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