13 Bids to Run New Hampshire Sports Betting in 2020

  • New Hampshire legalized sports betting earlier this year
  • Final contracts should be approved by the Division of Sports Wagering
  • State aims to have a full range of sports betting options in early 2020
  • Next round of bids should include financial offerings before delivery next year
the number 13
13 companies have put forward their bid to run New Hampshire’s recently legalized sports betting system in 2020. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Companies put their names forward

Earlier this week, the New Hampshire Lottery announced that 13 companies have submitted proposals to run the sports betting system following its legalization in New Hampshire this summer.

a full range of sports betting options to be offered in early 2020

It is thought that the final contracts will be approved towards the end of the year. This will allow for a full range of sports betting options to be offered in early 2020. All contracts will be vetted by the Division of Sports Wagering, a new division set up within the New Hampshire Lottery to oversee the delivery of sports betting.

A law was signed in July to allow betting on both professional and Division I college sports, although this does not include schools in the area. Wagers from this type of gambling are predicted to raise around $7.5 million for education in schools by 2021 before rising to $13.5 million by 2023.

Retail outlets still to be decided

The sports betting network in New Hampshire will be available online through mobile betting. It will also be offered at around ten retail locations throughout the state.

Now, the decision as to where to place retail betting outlets is up to the locals in New Hampshire communities. The Lottery is hoping to compile information on sports betting to tie in with the November elections.

“Pleased and encouraged”

No names have yet been released regarding which companies have submitted technical documents for the sportsbook proposals. In view of the applications received, Lottery director Charlie McIntyre said:

We are pleased and encouraged at both the robust number of responses and the overall quality of the proposals.”

With a population of nearly 1.4 million, New Hampshire will be the third-smallest state to offer sports betting – potentially the fourth once the District of Columbia starts to issue licenses. However, the Granite State could include a much larger opportunity: a gateway to neighboring Massachusetts.

There are no financial quotes that have been included in the technical responses yet. It is thought that the Lottery is now planning to potentially reduce the field and invite all remaining bidders to re-submit price proposals by mid-October.

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