Caesars Donates $1 Million Towards Responsible Gambling

  • Donation marks 30-year anniversary of Caesars' responsible gambling program
  • A large percentage will go towards funding National Center for Responsible Gaming
  • Caesars has long been committed to helping underage and problem gamblers
  • Time of donation coincides with Responsible Gaming Education Week in Las Vegas
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Casino company Caesars Entertainment has donated $1m to responsible gambling organizations in the US. [Image:]

A good cause

Caesars Entertainment has donated $1m to the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) and other responsible gambling groups in the United States.

The donation was made as part of the casino-entertainment company’s commemoration of 30 years of responsible gambling practices. During this time, Caesars has trained more than 4,000 socially responsible ambassadors.

donation was made as part of the casino-entertainment company’s commemoration of 30 years of responsible gambling practices

A large chunk of this donation will go towards the new research fund at the NCRG, which aims to improve the effectiveness of the center’s various responsible gambling approaches. 

The new research fund was set up in view of the rapidly changing landscape in the United States gambling market, especially with the ending of the federal ban on sports betting. 

Long-running commitment

The executive vice president of public policy and corporate responsibility at Caesars Entertainment, Jan Jones Blackhurst, spoke about the company’s initiative thirty years ago to

create the first responsible gaming program, serving our guests who could no longer play for fun.”

She explained that the intention behind the program was to find effective solutions for underage and problem gambling. To this day, the company has remained committed on all levels to taking the dangers of gambling seriously. 

The time of the donation coincides with the Responsible Gaming Education Week. The event, which is being held in Las Vegas by the American Gaming Association, is expected to create a lot of positive discussion regarding responsible gaming. 

History of the NCRG

The NCRG is a non-profit group that was set up in 1996 under the umbrella of the American Gaming Association. This is the main trade group of the casino industry in the US. 

The goal of the NCRG is to help those suffering from gambling problems through scientific research on youth and pathological gambling. The resulting research and evidence are then used to improve methods of prevention, diagnosis, intervention, and treating those with gambling issues.

More than $27m has been committed to the NCRG since its launch. Such funds come through the likes of casino companies, vendors, equipment manufacturers, tribal casinos, individuals, and related organizations.

In 2000, the NCRG founded the Institute for Research on Pathological Gambling and Related Disorders, which body is dependent on funding from casinos.

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