Attempted Robbery at Aquarius Casino Leads to Suspect Being Killed

  • Aquarius Casino Resort and the Golden Nugget in Laughlin were subject to attempted robbery
  • Suspect fired shot at an Aquarius security guard who followed him toward a parked vehicle
  • Police were in a standoff with the suspect in the casino parking lot for around six hours
Armed robber dressed in black pointing handgun
Las Vegas police have shot and killed a man after two attempted armed robberies at casinos in Laughlin. [Image: Shutterstock]

Six-hour standoff ends in killing

The Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin was subject to an attempted robbery, resulting in the alleged perpetrator being shot dead by Las Vegas police.

The shooting occurred in the parking lot of the casino around six hours after the attempted robbery. The individual reportedly tried to rob the casino at 1:30 a.m. on Monday.

While trying to escape, the man shot a security guard employed by the casino.

While trying to escape, the man shot a security guard employed by the casino. The guard was not hit. After arriving at his vehicle, the perpetrator was surrounded by officers.

A SWAT team was notified once the standoff in the parking lot began. The elite unit used a robot to approach the vehicle in an attempt to gain more information on the subject as well as the vehicle during the negotiation process.

Locked in stalemate

According to Captain Nichole Splinter of the Metropolitan Police Department, the man stayed in his vehicle from the time of the attempted robbery until 7 a.m. At that time, the attempted robber exited his vehicle and pointed a gun at the police officers on the scene.

The officers responded by opening fire, which resulted in the suspect’s death. The man has yet to be identified as the Clark County coroner’s office still needs to notify the relatives of the individual. No officers were injured on the scene and it is unclear if the man fired his weapon.

Multiple robbery attempts

Captain Splinter reported that the man tried to rob the Golden Nugget Casino in Laughlin before the attempt at the Aquarius.

He approached a cashier’s window at the casino around 1 a.m. and demanded the employee give him money. The cashier refused, so he left. About thirty minutes later, he approached the cashier cage of the Aquarius Casino Resort and did the same.

As the subject made his way to the casino parking lot, a guard at the Aquarius Casino alerted the entire security team. Another guard decided to confront him on his way out.

Captain Splinter said: “The suspect fled out the parking lot and confronted one of the security officers in the parking lot, pointed the firearm at him and fired one round at the security officer. The security officer was not harmed.”

The incidents took place in Laughlin, which is about 75 miles southeast of Las Vegas. The city is in Clark County, so police in Las Vegas responded. The department requires that officers involved in the shooting must be identified. Footage from the officer’s body camera must also be released.

This information along with the identity of the robbery suspect should be released at a later date.

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