Bookmakers Lose Out Heavily on Super Sunday

  • British victories for cricket and Formula 1, plus the tennis grand slam 
  • Fans kept on the edge of their seat at a historic Wimbledon men's final
  • The result at the Cricket World Cup final left bookmakers divided
cricket team
Many UK bookmakers had to pay out heavily on Super Sunday after results didn’t play out to their expectations

Super Sunday’s shocking losses

With the culmination of several sporting events resulting in shocking outcomes, bookmakers were the real losers in this year’s “Super Sunday” action.

There was a crowd-pleasing win for England at the Cricket World Cup that clashed with exciting races in Formula 1 and victories at Wimbledon.

Estimates currently put bookmakers such as Betfred out of pocket by as much as £100,000 ($125,000).

Historic day of wins

Novak Djokovic won his fifth Wimbledon title after besting Roger Federer in a historic tie-break after matching him 12-12 in the final, fifth set. The tennis result arrived just as Lewis Hamilton went on to win the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The weekend drama was topped off at the cricket as host England took on New Zealand at Lords, winning the competition for the first time ever. The teams were tied at 241 runs each and 15-all, following a super over. But England was crowned the world champion, having scored more boundaries.

Fans have called it “the best day of sports ever”, while others are sticking with Super Sunday.

Bookies largely supportive of win

Despite having lost more than £100,000 Betfred owner Fred Done seemed pleased with the result. He said:

The cricket was absolutely magnificent, pure drama. You couldn’t make it up. It’s great for the country, putting a smile on everyone’s face… even mine with my pocket well and truly emptied!”

Meanwhile, Bet365’s Steve Freeth was on the side of the fans, saying: “England cricket fans would have been celebrating after such a dramatic finish, likewise our in-play punters who kept the faith as England drifted to 10/1 at one point. It was a losing day for us but generally it was a good tournament.”

Refunding New Zealand punters

However, not all agreed with the result. Sportsbet is refunding all those who backed New Zealand after Rich Hummerston declared the win an “absolute disgrace” due to the way the winners were decided.

The 11,500 people who had backed New Zealand to win head-to-head or outright were refunded $426,223.

Kindred Group’s Ali Gill was more favorable of the overall result. He said:

It was a truly amazing weekend of sport, which no doubt left punters confused and overwhelmed in terms of what to watch and bet on. As is perhaps obvious, a draw in any game of cricket is a very bookmaker-friendly result, but in a World Cup final it’s even better.”

Despite some exchanges voiding the result, Gill seemed comfortable with the return on this year’s Super Sunday. He added: “This one left us significantly in the black, although England were very well supported in the Outright markets, so we gave a fair chunk back there.”

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