New Blitz Interface Launched by Hero Gaming Makes Slots 6x Faster

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The slots industry is extremely competitive, with everyone trying to find something new that they can implement to stand out from the crowd. Hero Gaming appears to have found something that does just that, having launched a new slots interface called Blitz. This allows players to decrease the time it takes to play slots by six times.

What is Blitz?

The Blitz interface was created by one of the leading online casino software developers in the space NetEnt alongside Hero Gaming.

Based in Malta, Hero Gaming is the parent company of popular online gaming sites Speedy Casino and Casino Heroes, as well as the online sportsbook Betser. All users of the online casino sites can now use the new Blitz interface.

Hero Gaming was spurred to create the interface so that players could partake in slots titles at a faster rate. In the mobile internet age, people want to do things as quickly as possible and their attention spans have decreased drastically.

If they have to wait too long in between plays they are likely to get bored and move on elsewhere. This leads to less revenue for the casino, as well as having an impact on the enjoyment the player derives from playing slots.

Blitz enables users to play slots at a much faster rate. There is no need to wait after each spin for the slots display to appear.

No matter at what stage the player is during their slots session, they can quit whenever they want and their account will still have the correct balance and showcase how many spins they have left to play.

Tomas Backman, CEO of Hero Gaming, said: “It’s great to have provided something that is genuinely new to the market from the operator side. Many operators talk about innovation, but to be honest very few deliver. I think everyone can agree that Blitz is innovative.”

Innovation in the industry

A common trend in the sector is that when one company develops an innovative offering or interface, it won’t be long before the majority of other operators copy it.

However, the advantage for operators who move first is the huge amount of value to be had with new features, and such is likely to be the case with Blitz, as it will probably take others a significant amount of time to replicate the interface for their offerings.

Until then, users will flock to the Hero Gaming online casino sites to take advantage of Blitz and accelerate the rate they can play slots drastically.

Different players will have different needs when it comes to the slots they are playing. Blitz is well suited to those who do not want to be distracted or disturbed by the likes of graphics and excess information.

There are, of course, many people who enjoy this aspect, but by providing flexibility to the player to choose whether they want to see this or not, Hero Gaming is creating a customized offering that will be widely applauded.

In the future, it is likely that online casinos will continue to develop ways in which they can provide options that can tailor the playing experience depending on the specific needs and wants of a given player.

Whatever the case may be, other operators and developers will be keeping a close eye on how this new Blitz interface works in practice and gauge what effect this has on their customer base.

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