RichCasino Launches Sugarpop II Amid “Rush Reel a Rolex” Promo

Sugarpap II

RichCasino debuts the sequel to the popular Sugarpop title as its April-long “Rush Reel a Rolex” promotion gathers steam.

RichCasino’s “Rush Reel a Rolex” promotion has added a brand new slots title to its online lineup with Sugarpop II Double Dipped, the follow-up the BetSoft Gaming’s popular Sugarpop game. The game will occupy a featured spot in the RichCasino promo, which runs through the end of April. At stake: a total of $26,500 in cash and prizes for the contest’s top 10 finishers, including a Rolex watch valued at $12,000 for the contest’s ultimate winner.

New, more dynamic features

According to a RichCasino presser, “Sugarpop II has remained true to the original game’s appeal, retaining the dreamy, fluffy graphics and intuitive interface that proved to be a hit with players. However, the latest version is otherwise a complete reinvention, with a host of attractive new features, including cluster wins and exploding, cascading candies.”

The new Sugarpop II game is marketed as having a more dynamic feel when compared to BetSoft’s original Sugarpop title. Among the improvements are fresh animations and new features for the candy-themed game, including a caramel chew that wipes the game board of candies of a certain color. Other new features include morphing candies, jelly-bean cannons that obliterate candies, cluster wins (featuring an exploding candy bomb) and other virtual sweet delights.

“This is a bold new version of a classic, but we know that players will appreciate the changes, and Sugarpop II will prove to be a real crowd-pleaser,” said Gwen Adams, a RichCasino spokesperson.

“Some special features have been added to a game that was already a massive favorite, so we are expecting this sequel to satisfy every player’s sweet tooth!”

The new title also features progressive levels, with each new level featuring additional rewards and new candies to be unlocked. As a progressive game, the number of levels is uncapped, and unlimited gameplay is available.

Rolex promo details

The new Sugarpop II offering joins two other offerings, Three Wishes and Jumbo Joker, as the primary titles in RichCasino’s “Rush Reel a Rolex” promotion. The three titles offer doubled contest points to participating players, with the most points accumulated by the end of April determining the winners.

The “timely” promotion promo runs right up to 11:59:59 on April 30. Here is the complete prize schedule:

  • 1st: Rolex watch (valued at $12,000)
  • 2nd: $5,000 cash
  • 3rd: $2,500 cash
  • 4th–10th: $1,000 cash each

Further rules and restrictions apply.

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