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Nightlife, Not Gambling, to Revive Las Vegas

Friday, December 6th, 2013 Nightlife, Not Gambling, to Revive Las Vegas

The financial downturn that shook up the US economy had not spared Nevada casinos, proving that they, unlike what people thought, are not safe from any kind of economic crisis. The Sin City’s gambling avenues started losing their shimmer, as people across the country lost jobs and homes. But all that is past and the economy is picking up, and Las Vegas is not one to stay behind. Only, the city’s plans for revival from financial downturn do not include gambling much. The Sin City is gearing up to boost its revenues mostly through its nightlife and many other events lined up for the holiday season, as its casinos strive to keep the numbers up.

Las Vegas Goes Clubbing

Back in the 80s, when Las Vegas casinos were down in the slump, the city got back on its feet by becoming more family friendly. But today, things have changed. People don’t think of Las Vegas when they want to go on a family holiday. They think of it when they want to have some grown-up fun or if they have too much money to gamble away. Considering the fact that the latter option is not available to many in the country right now, Las Vegas resorts and hotels are focusing on the nightlife to draw visitors.

Las Vegas club scene has developed a lot in the past 5 years, says writer Rich Lax. The city saw opening of one big club after another and is today home to some of the biggest and jazziest night clubs in the country. Mandalay Bay Hotel was the one to open the latest night club called Light in the city. This glittering club gets its name by the $25 million LED screens illuminating its rooms, accompanied with lasers and fog cannons. The club has partnered with Cirque du Soleil, and guests are entertained with the Cirque du Soleil acrobats performing, while swinging above them.

Zappos CEO for Collaborative Effort

The CEO of online retailer Zappos, Tony Hsieh, feels that collaborative effort is necessary for transforming Las Vegas from a city of casinos only to city of clubbing, entertainment and casinos. Hsieh, after the sale of Zappos to Amazon, started what is called the Downtown Project and is busy thinking about re-planning the city and to encourage innovation among its entrepreneurs. He feels that Las Vegas business owners from all backgrounds should combine their efforts, collaborate and brainstorm ideas for city planning. Hsieh is also forcing more collaboration by investing his $350 million Downtown Project budget into companies from different sectors and industries including IT, entertainment, music, education, arts and real estate.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve, Las Vegas Style

If you haven’t made plans for new year’s eve yet, how about visiting good old Vegas for some good time? Las Vegas resort and casino owners are getting ready to please their guests during the holiday season, with their many events and discount offers for holidays. The city will be busy hosting hundreds of parties, concerts and shows, not to forget the special dinners and tournaments planned by the casinos.

Among the notable shows that you can plan to attend in Vegas include one by Imagine Dragons, a Las Vegas band that will be performing at the Hard Rock Hotel, a concert by Robin Thicke at Palms, and a performance by Kristen Chenoweth, the Broadway sensation who will be giving a special performance at the Reynolds Hall. Britney Spears will also be performing between December 27 and 31, at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Popular Vegas parties that can blow your mind include the New Year’s Everything 2014 part at the Stratosphere, the Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood, and the New Year’s Eve Celebration at The Ice Rink at the Cosmopolitan. The choice is all yours!

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