A Vegas Movie Travel Guide

Las Vegas was made for the movies. And there have been many must-see movies made in Vegas.

  • Want to find out where those classic scenes were shot for real?
  • Fancy playing out your own favourite moments from the GodfatherSwingersAustin Powers or Casino?

Let us map your favourite film strips onto the Strip: our infographic travel guide shows you exactly where Sin City became cinematic city. Ladies and gentlemen, our infographic tour of Vegas movie locations will start shortly, so please take your seats.

Vegas as a Movie Set

Let’s set the scene.

Las Vegas is a city of late nights, bright lights and lady luck. It is all glitz, glamour and gambling. Its hotels, hospitality and honeymoon suites have been carved out of the uncompromising Nevada desert, whose brooding presence envelops the city. Casino rooms are filled with clangs of slot machines, roars of delight, screams of anguish and every sound inbetween.

Into this slightly surreal space life quickly takes on a certain cinematic quality. Vegas is packed with iconic characters (the winners, the losers, the lovers etc.) who play out their filmic fantasies and celluloid stories against a backdrop of money, passion and neon.

Everyone in Vegas is a star in their own movie. But what movies has Vegas starred in?

Movies Set in Vegas

The Rat Pack’s Ocean’s 11 (1960) first placed Vegas on the big screen in a big way, but it was Bugsy (1991) that told the story of how it all started. Hunter Thompson later suffered Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) and Nic Cage really should have been Leaving Las Vegas (1995) but we are going to take you on a rather more happy tour.

With our infographic road map you can:

  • Get The Hangover (2009) at the bar featured in the film
  • Swing with the Swingers (1996) at the Fremont
  • Play the Casino (1995) at the Riviera
  • Look Behind the Candelabra (2013) at the Westgate
  • Show off your Rain Man (1988) card skills at Caesar’s Palace
  • Get hitched, like Elvis and Ann-Margaret in Viva Las Vegas (1964), in the Little Church of The West
  • And lots more besides

Place yourself on the map

We’ve scouted the locations in Vegas. The script is already written. The cameras are ready to roll…

…So, just how will you do Vegas on your next visit?