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Specialty Games

At online casino sites, the heading of “specialty games” is something of a catch-all that refers to any offerings that do not fit into the major categories of gambling. While slots have their own area, video poker machines are kept together, and table games can be broadly classified under a single category, everything else more or less gets lumped together into a single area.

Because it isn’t always clear what you’ll find here, many players stay away from this area of the casino sites, sticking to the games that they are more familiar with. But you might be surprised to find that there are at least some options here that might appeal to you, either to play on a regular basis or as a way to take in something lighter between more serious gaming sessions. Let’s take a look at some of the games that are often found under the specialty games heading.


One of the most common inclusions in this area of the casino is the classic game of keno. If you’re not familiar with this game, which can be found at many live casinos, think of your local, state, or national lottery. The object is to pick some numbers and hope they match those selected in the next drawing. Unlike traditional lotteries, players have lots of options in keno: you can change how many numbers you pick to impact your odds of winning and the amount you could potentially win if you match them all.

Some sites offer several different keno variations with different rules, which might change up how many numbers are drawn or add a progressive jackpot into the mix. One of the great things about online keno is the fact that you can control when drawings take place, making the game move forward at whatever pace you like.

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Scratch Cards

One of the quickest and easiest ways to gamble in the world is the scratch card. Popular at convenience stores across the globe, scratch cards are now available at Internet casinos as well, and they offer the same fast payouts and immediate thrills as their physical counterparts. Of course, you can’t actually “scratch” a virtual card on your computer screen, but moving your mouse around feels just like the real thing.

Some software providers offer a couple of different cards for you to choose from, while others feature a single game that includes several cards that you can play. For instance, BetSoft offers a game known as Scratcherz that serves as a hub for all of their scratch card options.

Bingo Games

While online bingo played against other players is a big business, that’s not what we are talking about in this case. Many casino sites have games that are based on bingo action but which work more like modified bingo games, turning them into a fast and entertaining gambling option. Most of these games work by giving the player one or more cards, then drawing a set amount of numbers. If the player fills in an appropriate pattern, they will win; in some games, if the line or other pattern is hit more quickly, the prizes get even bigger.

Parlor Games

This heading can refer to a wide variety of casual games that don’t require strategy to play and typically feature fixed odds. That means that you will pick an option that has a set payout and a certain chance to win, then find out if you were lucky enough to choose the right option for that game. Some players also refer to these as “pick ‘em” games.

These games can vary from simple to very complex. On the basic end, we have games like Playtech’s Heads or Tails, in which you are literally betting on the flip of one or more virtual coins. On the other end of the spectrum are simulated horse racing games, where you will be presented with a lineup of digital horses and their odds. Place your bets, watch the race play out, and if your horses place, you’ll win, just like at the racetrack.

And More

The above are just some of the options you might find when looking under the specialty games banner at an online casino. Because of the open-ended nature of this section, different software providers will come up with very different offerings, some of which can be quite inventive. Others may put games here that you’d expect to find under the table games listing, such as roulette and Asian dice game sic bo. Given how unpredictable this part of a site can be, we recommend taking a look at what is listed here: you never know when you’ll find a game that you really enjoy tucked away in this underappreciated area.

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