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Instant Win Games

In most gambling games, pacing and anticipation do a lot to increase the tension and excitement of each bet you make. Sports betting is fun because it allows you to put some money on the line while you watch an event, slot machines ramp up the action each time a new reel falls into place or a bonus round grants larger and larger rewards, and roulette can have an entire table of players holding their breath as the ball bounces around the wheel before falling into a pocket. These features increase the enjoyment and excitement of just about every casino classic.

Sometimes, though, you don’t want to wait for your results to come in: you just want to win or lose right now, without waiting on all the steps that are designed to raise and lower your emotions. Instant win games are designed to give players exactly that immediate thrill, providing the same great odds and big payouts as other casino games in a fraction of the time. If you’re more interested in pure gambling rather than a social or emotional experience, then instant win products might be just what you want to play at online casinos.

Fast and Furious

There’s no single type of offering in the instant win category, and while we’ll talk about some of the major categories of games that fit this description below, reasonable people can even disagree on what qualifies for this distinction. However, there are more than a few things that all of these games have in common.

The first is that, as the name would suggest, these are quick games that don’t come with many steps. This usually means a relative lack of player interaction, though many only games still allow players to perform some menial tasks to reveal their results. The fast nature of these games means that bonus rounds are either rare or nonexistent, since they naturally slow down the flow of the action.

Another common factor between these options is the fact that almost all of them are luck-based. It’s hard to have an instant game that incorporates any sort of decision making or skill-based elements; after all, if players have to think about things, it means that they will need some time to choose the best options. Instead, players are just hoping that lady luck is on their side each time they fire another bet at one of these games. These are simplistic games that are mainly aimed at casual players, which means they’re typically offered at low limits (though often this can be adjusted to higher stakes if players want to bet more money).

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Scratch Fever

There are several types of instant win gambling games, but the most common is the scratch card. Popular for decades in gas stations, supermarkets, and convenience stores, scratch tickets have made their way to the virtual world and are quite popular at online gambling sites. Internet casinos often feature a variety of these tickets with a number of different themes for players to choose from.

There’s really no easier game to play. Players buy cards, then try to match symbols that are revealed by “scratching” sections of the ticket. Typically, this can be done manually or sped up through automatic reveals. Occasionally, some online cards will include a special feature that can offer additional rewards, but most choose the simple and pure approach. While this isn’t a complex experience, big payouts – and sometimes even massive jackpots – are possible with little effort required.

Balls in the Air

Another common way to provide instant win action to gamblers is through games that utilize fast-paced drawings to achieve results. The quickest of these are the bingo-based titles in which players don’t actually play a round of bingo as they would at a live event (or on a real money bingo website), but instead give players a set group of cards, from which they hope to match as many numbers as possible from a set that is drawn randomly in the hopes of completing winning patterns.

Similarly, keno can often be played in an instant win fashion. Though the game can get a bit more complex, many online keno offerings allow players to choose a “quick pick” that instantly gives them a number of spots, and drawings can be triggered at any time to quickly generate some results for players. This is a great example of a game that can be played at the pace of the gambler’s choosing, however, as it’s easy to slow things down and enjoy keno at a more relaxed tempo.

Parlor Tricks

Finally, we’d like to point out the many other titles that are often lumped together as “specialty games” or “parlor games.” In a more general sense, what we’re talking about here are fixed odds games that allow players to quickly make a bet and either get a payout or lose. Of course, there’s usually some theming involved, but the gameplay is always similar: choose how much you want to win, confirm your bet, and you’ll find out the result a moment later.

The structure of these offerings can vary a bit. For instance, we’ve seen coin flipping games that offer almost even money (say, 0.95-1) if you can guess whether the next simulated flip will come up heads or tails. Other options are sports-themed: you might try to shoot a penalty shot into different parts of a goal at different odds, winning if the goalkeeper fails to make the save. In any case, this is all window dressing: it’s simply a bet on what the random number generator will spit out next, making for fast and easy action for gamblers.

Faster Than a Speeding Bet

Instant win games may not seem as necessary to a great online casino experience as slots or table games, but they offer an important element that can appeal to many gamblers from time to time. Social and casual players may appreciate these titles for their simplicity, as they are almost always easy to play and the action is straightforward, meaning anyone can understand what’s going on. Meanwhile, more experienced players can still find times when they just want to get a few bets in when they don’t have time for more lengthy sections, and a favorite instant win option can definitely fit the bill in those cases. If you want to gamble online, but you value your time even more, then instant win games are the perfect solution.

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