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Scatter Symbols in Slots

Scatter Symbols in Slots

Sometimes referred to as a slot player's best friend, the scatter symbol is basically a key to unlocking various fun bonus features designed within a slot game. Unlike symbols that have to be lined up on a payline to win anything, the scatter just has to appear on the reels to open up free spins, mini-games, or other bonuses. Scatter symbols are typically one of the highest paying symbols in a slot game and are represented by a specific graphic that is unique to the theme of the particular slot title.

How do they work?

Usually, a certain number of scatter symbols must appear on a single spin to unlock a feature. These details are outlined on the game’s paytable. When the required number of scatter symbols pop up on a single spin, the game will launch into the promised feature. Oftentimes, this is free spins, but sometimes the scatter symbol is used to open up other interactive bonus games.

Hitting 3 scatter symbols in a spin usually activates a bonus feature such as free spins

The scatter features are usually game-specific, meaning that they function a bit differently across the board, according to the slot you are playing. That being said though, many scatter icons are simply just scatter icons and may sometimes just payout on a winning combination. You will find this is true on simpler slot games that do not offer bonus events outside of wild and scatter payouts.

Do All Slots Feature Scatter Symbols?

Although it’s a pretty standard feature on most 5-reel slot machines, not as many three-reel slots offer scatter symbols or their accompanying bonuses. They can also be found in games with progressive jackpots, 7 reel games, slots with bonus games and pretty much every other type of slot machine out there.

How Do I Know if a Game Has a Scatter?

In most games, the Paytable is easily accessible from the gaming screen. Once you click on the Paytable icon, a box will open up. Here you will find all the backend info on signs, including scatters, as well as wild and bonus elements, among other information specific to that slot.

Viewing the Paytable before you play is always a good idea. That way, you understand the potential of the game, as well as all the symbols like scatters, wilds, and bonus icons, and how they work individually as well as the winning combinations and payouts, and how they trigger bonus features.

The scatter symbol in a slot game can usually be found by looking at the game information screen or payout table

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