Ivan Toney Claims He Never Received Betting Education From Any of His Teams

  • The Brentford striker is suspended until January 16 for 232 betting breaches
  • He revealed that he initially lied to investigators about betting on soccer games
  • Restaurants and car insurers turned him away due to the bad press
Ivan Toney
English Premier League star Ivany Toney has revealed that he never received any betting education from any of his clubs. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

During a wide-ranging interview in which he discusses his addiction to gambling, soccer star Ivan Toney revealed he never received betting-related education from any of his teams. The Brentford striker is currently suspended until January 16, 2024 for 232 betting violations.

He appeared on the Diary of a CEO podcast when he made these revelations, also announcing that he no longer engages in gambling. The 27-year-old described how he initially lied to Football Association investigators, claiming that he did not place any soccer wagers. He eventually admitted to doing so, which led to a 15-month suspension, later reduced to eight months.

the stakes rose as he earned more money

Toney said that restaurants turned him away due to the bad press and he even was getting rejections from car insurers. The Northampton native’s betting experience began when he was just 15 years old and the stakes rose as he earned more money.

He would wait for every payday to see how much money he would have left over to gamble. Now Toney looks back and thinks of everything he could have bought with that money.

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