Ladbrokes in Hot Water Once Again Over Twitter Ads That Could Appeal to Underage People

  • The ASA investigated a series of tennis-related tweets
  • They featured images and names of high profile players
  • Ladbrokes unsuccessfully challenged the ASA’s ruling
Ladbrokes sign
The ASA has taken Ladbrokes to task once more over irresponsible tweets that could appeal to underage people. [Image:]

Ladbrokes is in hot water once more over its Twitter ads. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) investigated a series of tweets from January and February relating to tennis matches and concluded that they could appeal to underage people as they featured the pictures and names of famous tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The goal of the tweets was to boost user engagement through polls and questions.

The ASA’s Active Ad Monitoring system highlighted these ads for further investigation.

Ladbrokes doesn’t believe that the messages particularly appeal to underage people as the operator checked the media profiles of each player to assess their sponsorship deals and the demographics of their followers.

concluded that the four tweets in question were irresponsible

Ladbrokes presented the data to the advertising regulator and noted that it specifically targets ads toward people who are older than 25. The ASA rejected the arguments and concluded that the four tweets in question were irresponsible.

The Entain-owned company has gotten in trouble with the ASA numerous times recently, including for running irresponsible ads that featured English Premier League managers and YouTube personality Jake Paul.

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