A Breakdown of Twitch’s Upcoming Job Cuts

  • Amazon is cutting 9,000 jobs and this includes about 400 roles at Twitch
  • It appears that these cuts are widely distributed across Twitch departments
  • The most impacted roles are those related to the engineering department
Layoff stamp on document
A leading video game streaming journalist has broken down some of the upcoming Twitch worker layoffs. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Amazon announced recently that it is cutting 9,000 jobs across its various departments, including about 400 Twitch positions. Video game streaming journalist Zach Bussey has taken to Twitter to provide some insights into these Twitch layoffs.

He spent a couple of days compiling information about the cuts by investigating on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. He claims to have documented more than 40% of the layoffs:

Bussey’s key takeaway is that the cuts at Twitch appear to be widely distributed across different roles, departments, and employment lengths. Engineering roles represent 34% of the layoffs – something not particularly surprising given that engineers account for a higher percentage of Twitch workers compared to other types of roles.

Many tech companies have been announcing mass layoffs in recent months due to cost-cutting measures amid growing economic pressures.

Next on the list were customer service and partnership roles with 23% of cuts, followed by business and marketing roles with 17%. Other positions impacted include safety and security roles, people working in the art and design department, as well as HR.

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