HasanAbi Criticizes Trainwreck for Undermining His Charitable Donation to an Earthquake Relief Fund

  • HasanAbi and iShowSpeed raised funds after major earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria
  • They have managed to raise $1.4m so far through their efforts
  • Trainwreck criticized the amount of money that HasanAbi personally donated to the fund
Person making a charitable donation on a phone
Twitch streamer HasanAbi has hit back at Trainwreck for criticizing the size of his personal charitable donation to a Turkey and Syria earthquake relief fund. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Twitch streamer HasanAbi has criticized Trainwreck for “undermining” his personal donation to an earthquake relief fund. After major earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria last month, HasanAbi and iShowSpeed teamed up to raise money for people impacted by these natural disasters.

Trainwreck was seemingly not impressed by his donation

They have managed to raise $1.4m so far from fellow streamers and Twitch viewers. HasanAbi personally contributed $50,000 to the fund, but Trainwreck was seemingly not impressed by his donation, saying in a conversation with willneff that it was a “small percentage” of the total fund.

Trainwreck is one of the internet’s biggest gambling streamers. He recently moved from Twitch over to the Kick streaming platform.

HasanAbi hit back on his own stream, calling out Trainwreck by saying: “Look at him undermining 50 grand. Like, I’m sorry I don’t have $700 million from crypto and gambling sponsorships. That’s crazy.”

He went on to say that influencers can cause a lot of harm by undermining the efforts of others to raise money for charitable causes. HasanAbi also noted that a huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes to try to carry out these types of fundraisers.

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