Man Arrested After Stabbing Four People at Washington Casino

  • The incident took place at the Las Frontier and New Phoenix casinos, which share a building
  • A high-speed car chase took place before police were able to apprehend the attacker
  • The attacker was sat at a poker table when he reached for a knife and began stabbing victims
  • The casino is looking into the best counseling options for casino staff and guests
Police line do not cross
A man who stabbed four people at a Washington state casino has been arrested following a high-speed chase. [Image:]

A harrowing incident

A man has been arrested after he stabbed four people at a casino in Washington state. The incident took place on Monday night at the Las Frontier and New Phoenix casinos. The two poker and table game facilities share a building in the town of La Center.

suddenly embarked on the frenzied attack

According to reports, a man was sitting at a poker table when he suddenly embarked on the frenzied attack. He slashed or stabbed four people before fleeing the crime scene. Police eventually apprehended the attacker following a high-speed car chase.

The suspect was identified as Scott Harmier by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. The 41-year-old Washington resident is now facing four counts of felony assault with a court hearing due to take place on Wednesday morning.

Seemingly unprovoked

As reported by The Oregonian, footage from the casino shows the attacker in a seated position at a poker table when he suddenly reaches down to grab an item. He proceeds to get out of his chair before initially stabbing the male beside him five times in the chest and head.

As others attempted to intervene, the attacker started swinging his hunting knife. This led to a female at the table receiving a stab wound, while another man received injuries after he chased the attacker into the parking lot. It is still unclear as to what happened to the fourth stabbing victim. Each of the victims received hospital treatment, with three of them released shortly after.

Mass shootings are more common than mass stabbing incidents in the US, but they do happen. In October, a man killed two and injured another six people following a frenzied stabbing attack on the Las Vegas Strip.

Aftermath of the incident

Numerous people called 911 shortly before midnight on Monday after the stabbings took place. Staff and patrons at the property also tried to confront the man before he managed to escape in his car.

speeds in excess of 100mph

Deputies quickly located the car and set off in pursuit. In the dramatic conclusion to the chase, which saw speeds in excess of 100mph, authorities eventually managed to stop the attacker’s car using an “immobilization technique.”

The casino posted a statement on Facebook following the incident. It outlined how the casino’s human resources team was looking into counseling options for guests and staff following the unprovoked attack. The statement said: “Our thoughts and prayers are extended for all affected.”

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