Las Vegas Could Get Marijuana Lounges This Year as New Regulations Passed

  • Vegas could soon get marijuana lounges but they can’t open within 1,500 feet of a casino
  • Legislation passed last year paved the way for the opening of marijuana lounges in Nevada
  • The strict rules include caps on the number of licenses and a ban on the serving of alcohol
  • If all goes to plan, the licensing process will begin this fall but rules could still change
Marijuana lounges could soon come to Las Vegas, with rules and regulations nearly fully in place in Nevada. [Image:]

Lounges on the way

Marijuana lounges could come to Las Vegas in 2022. On Tuesday, Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board voted unanimously in favor of regulations regarding these establishments. Although this could permit lounges to open across the entire state this year, the rules prohibit the sale of cannabis within 1,500 feet of a casino.

Cannabis lounges became legally possible in the state following the passage of legislation last year. Extensive public workshops and hearings have taken place regarding the matter since then. These have involved stakeholders and regulators.

The groundwork is now in place

At the moment, people are only able to consume marijuana inside private homes in Nevada. A few minor issues remain surrounding regulatory and licensing policies that officials need to solve before lounges can open. The groundwork is now in place, however.

The licensing process

Nevada municipalities can put in place stricter rules than those outlined by the state. Marijuana dispensaries already currently open can apply for a lounge license for an establishment adjacent to the current business. In Clark County, where Las Vegas lies, there are already 35 retail stores for marijuana.

Clark County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick did express some concerns in April about the jurisdiction’s ability to handle licensing for lounges. 

Under the current plan, the state will only allow the issuance of 20 licenses for independent entrepreneurs. Of these permits, half will need to go to “social equity applicants” harmed by the state’s former marijuana laws before legalization in 2017. If there are more applicants than there are licenses, a lottery will then take place. A business owner can only receive a single license. 

Certain restrictions in place

In addition to a 1,500-foot distance to casinos, Nevada marijuana lounges must also be 1,000 feet from any K-12 schools or 300 feet from any community facility. The lounges can not serve alcohol or any type of nicotine-based goods.

can not permit clients with firearms

There are also strict rules regarding ventilation, security, labeling, and signage. Employees at the lounges will need to undergo training regarding how to deal with customers, and they can not permit clients with firearms.

Under the current plan, a ten-day application period for licenses will go ahead in the fall. According to the Cannabis Compliance Board member Dennis Neilander, the rules regarding marijuana lounges could still change in the future.

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