Suspects Wounded After Attempted Robberies of Two Agua Caliente Casinos in California

  • The casinos are located in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, about 15 minutes apart
  • Police were called three different times as the suspects attempted robberies at both locations
  • The suspects were shot in a parking structure after being cornered by police
  • An illegal gambling den was also uncovered this week, about two hours away from the casinos
Blue light on top of a police car
Two suspects were shot and apprehended by police after a series of attempted robberies at two Agua Caliente casinos in California. [Image:]

Multiple robbery attempts

Two suspects were shot and wounded by police early Wednesday morning in conjunction with three overnight robbery attempts at the Agua Caliente Casino in Palm Springs, California and the Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage. The suspects attempted to rob people at both Agua Caliente casinos in one night, with police finally catching up to them in the Palm Springs casino’s parking garage.

The suspects began their robbery attempts at around 12:30am and continued to move from one location to the other. The two casinos are just under 20 minutes a part, making it easy for the criminals to travel back and forth.

Agua Caliente casinos robbery timeline

The first attempt took place at the Palm Springs location. Two men approached another man just after 12:30am and pulled a gun on him, demanding his belongings. This robbery attempt failed and the victim and suspects left the scene. Police were called about the incident around 12:45am.

the victim created some type of disturbance

Around 1am, police received another call about an attempted robbery at the Rancho Mirage location. In this instance, the suspects used the same method on a female victim. Police say the victim created some type of disturbance, possibly screaming, so the assailants left the scene.

The last call to police came in at around 2am. Security officials at the Palm Springs casino reported seeing the suspects and the vehicle they were driving, a white Honda Accord. When this call came in, police began searching the parking structure to find the two men.

According to police, security saw a robbery in progress in which the suspects approached the victim, placed a hand on her mouth, and brandished a gun. They took her purse and fled to their vehicle.

Stopping the suspects

Police arrived on the scene after receiving the call from the Palm Springs Casino when the assailants were spotted in the parking garage. The suspects were blocked inside the parking structure with no way to leave. The officers and the suspects exchange words, at which point three officers fired their weapons. The suspects were injured in the vehicle and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators remained on the scene after the shooting took place. The officers involved have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing.

As the incident was taking place, patrons were still entering the casino. Some seemed concerned about what was going on while others simply continued into the venue to gamble.

Illegal gambling den

In the same week as the Agua Caliente casinos robbery attempts, an illegal gambling den was busted in Spring Valley, California, just a few hours from the two casinos. A non-injury shooting occurred at a home at around 9:20pm on Monday, before police arrived.

Police checked the property and found an outbuilding onsite that was set up for gambling, including 15 slot machines. Police also found spent shell casings inside. Sue Hixon and Mark Culver were placed under arrest.

a deputy was injured during the search, stepping on a “booby trap”

A deputy was injured during the search, stepping on a “booby trap” made from a board with nails sticking out of it. Culver was suspected of setting the trap.

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