NBA Teams Up With EquiLottery Games to Roll Out Slam Dunk Dollar$ for 2020-21 Season

  • Live sports lottery draw game will carry logos and marks of NBA and its teams
  • NBA game to be powered by same EquiLottery platform behind MLB’s Baseball Buck$
  • State lotteries can offer Slam Dunk Dollar$ quick-pick tickets throughout next NBA season
  • Tickets will feature ten pre-selected NBA games; prizes start at seven wins, with odds of 6-1
  • Senior NBA executive said innovative lottery product offers fans “another way to engage”
basketball player's arm throwing the ball into the hoop
The NBA and EquiLottery Games sealed a deal that will bring NBA fans a live sports lottery game dubbed Slam Dunk Dollar$ for the 2020-21 season. [Image:]

Official NBA lottery draw game announced

Leading live sports lottery game developer EquiLottery Games has inked a deal with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to run a game called Slam Dunk Dollar$ all through the 2020-21 season.

EquiLottery Games posted a tweet of its latest partnership on Monday:

The officially licensed game – which will carry the logos and marks of the NBA and its teams – will play out in a lottery draw format based on the results of NBA games.

state lotteries will be able to offer Slam Dunk Dollar$ quick-pick tickets at any point during the next NBA season

Slam Dunk Dollar$ will run on the same live team sports platform that powers other EquiLottery Games, such as Major League Baseball (MLB)’s Baseball Buck$. The deal means that state lotteries will be able to offer Slam Dunk Dollar$ quick-pick tickets at any point during the next NBA season.

While the EquiLottery Games portfolio also includes NASCAR Racing Riche$, the NBA tie-up represents only the second pro team sports league game on its roster, after MLB’s Baseball Buck$.

Along with the NBA, MLB, and NASCAR lottery game partnerships, EquiLottery Games made history this year with its live horse-racing based Win Place Show game. Introduced into the market via the Kentucky Lottery on August 16, it became the first-ever lottery product of its type in the US.

Pick and play

EquiLottery Games’ live sporting event games are integrated with a game logic, random number generator platform powered by Szrek2Solutions, with sports data feeding in from Sportradar. The platform allows players to wager on randomly selected outcomes, which qualifies products like Slam Dunk Dollar$ and Baseball Buck$ as games of pure chance.

a four-tier prize system, with overall odds set at 6 to 1

Participants will be able to enter the Slam Dunk Dollar$ sports lottery draw by purchasing a quick-pick ticket featuring ten pre-selected NBA games. Players can either scan the QR code on the ticket or download the app to follow the outcome of the games. The winning threshold starts at seven winning teams, going up to ten out of ten. There’s a four-tier prize system, with overall odds set at 6 to 1.

EquiLottery Games’ founder and CEO Brad Cummings said in an official release that his company was proud to welcome the NBA into its “family of live lottery sports games”. Cummings added the NBA partnership enabled EquiLottery to offer “year-round games to U.S. lotteries” that focused on popular team sports.

NBA’s fast break on fan engagement

Major sporting brands such as the NBA are quickly cottoning to the fact that sports betting drives fan engagement, audience size, and viewing time. In August, the NBA signed a wide-ranging deal with Yahoo Sports. NBA president of global content and media distribution Bill Koenig said the partnership would “offer a variety of unique ways for fans to engage with the NBA.”

Koenig’s sentiments were echoed this week by the NBA’s senior vice-president of fantasy and gaming, Scott Kaufman-Ross. He described the EquiLottery Games product as “an innovative new offering in the lottery space [that] offers our fans yet another way to engage with NBA games.”

Kaufman-Ross expressed the NBA’s excitement at releasing a “new product to market as this new gaming category emerges.”

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