Greece Gambling Law Reform to Include New Slot Stakes and Spin Limits Plus Advertising Ban

  • The maximum stakes limit for online slots is now just €2
  • The maximum prize limit for RNG games is set at €5,000
  • Slot games now have a three-second minimum between spins
  • Operators must ensure advertising is age-appropriate, avoiding any aspect that caters to minors
man playing online slots
Greece’s latest gambling law reforms include stakes limits on internet slots, a minimum wait in between spins, and tighter advertising restrictions. [Image:]

RNG games face restrictions

Secondary legislation was recently published as part of Greece gambling law reform, setting new restrictions on online random number generator (RNG) games. Such games as slots will be subject to a spin and stake limit plus an advertising ban.

Originally, Greece had plans to ban RNG games entirely, but a provision to do so was removed when parliament passed a version of the bill in October 2019. The bill was submitted in January to the European Commission.

Greece gambling law reform

Based on the new rules, online RNG games will have a maximum stake set at €2 ($2.36). On top of the stake limit, there is also a limit of €5,000 ($5,895.68) set on prizes per gaming session. For all casino games, a maximum prize limit of €70,000 ($82,539.45) has been set.

Players will be limited to a three-second spin minimum as well. This means they cannot start another spin on a slot game until three seconds have passed from the last spin. This regulation applies to all RNG games except for poker.

Other changes aim to further protect players from gambling harm. Online players are required to choose deposit, loss, and duration of play limits. License holders must provide customers with a warning if they exceed 80% of their set limit.

A self-exclusion system will also be in place for gameplay and marketing communication. Players are free to choose how long they will self-exclude from either category.

Slot advertising regulations

As part of the new regulations based on the 2019 revamped gambling bill, operators are not allowed to advertise slot games outside their website. Social media advertising is allowed but must be restricted to the legal gambling age limit. Marketing campaigns cannot target minors.

Operators must ensure that advertising does not present a positive image

Campaigns must not include characters who look the age of a minor or appear on websites or programs that are directed toward minors. Operators must ensure that advertising does not present a positive image, such as showing winnings going toward a good cause or tax revenue.

Every advertisement must display the legal gambling age and reference the Hellenic Gaming Commission (EEEP) in some way.

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