Wynn Resorts to Furlough Employees and Shut Down Some Weekday Operations

  • Visitor traffic has been lower than expected since initial surge after reopening
  • Employees who are let go will still receive health benefits through October
  • Some property services and restaurants will stay closed mid-week, based on demand
Wynn and Encore Las Vegas
Slow business post-COVID-19 shutdown has caused Wynn Resorts to announce furloughs and mid-week service closures. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Facing business challenges

Wynn Resorts will start furloughing employees this week and shut down some operations on certain weekdays in both Las Vegas and Boston. The moves come as demand is lower than expected after getting back to business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The casino closure lasted 78 days in Nevada. During that time, Wynn Resorts invested almost $250m to pay its 15,000 employees wages, tips, and benefits as the properties remained inactive.

Wynn Resorts furlough

Staff members received a video detailing the news. In the recording, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore president Marilyn Spiegel said that business was very slow, especially on weekdays. While the company is trying to encourage travelers to come back, it seems people’s concern for their health and safety takes precedence over a gambling trip.

staffing to the significantly reduced demand.”

Spokesman Michael Weaver commented that while employees were retained during the closure, the company now knows how “challenged” the business volumes in Las Vegas are. The company has decided that it will be “staffing to the significantly reduced demand.”

It is unclear just how many employees will be part of the furlough. Those who are affected will receive health benefits through October 31.

Closing services mid-week

In the video, Spiegel talked about several changes Wynn is making based on visitor numbers. Because the region has seen tourism at lower than pre-pandemic levels, they are shutting down certain services midweek. Encore’s spa and salon will not open during the week, though the same services at the Wynn property will continue.

Casual dining restaurants will be closed midweek to match the demand of customers. Fine dining will be available on a limited basis. Spiegel stated further that Wynn Resorts will have a rolling closure schedule based on the day of the week. One restaurant, for example, might be closed four days during the week but open throughout the weekend when the demand is high. Other restaurants might be closed just two or three days a week.

The main valets of Wynn and Encore will be closed. The Wynn Tower Suites and Encore Tower Suites will continue to offer valet options.

Early layoffs at Encore

Wynn Resorts has already furloughed employees at its Encore Boston Harbor property. In June, it was announced that 3,000 staff members were furloughed, just days before the casino was set to reopen.

This round of furloughs took place after Encore announced a 10% staff reduction in May. As many as 81% of employees were out of work by the June furlough decision.

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