Plaintiffs File Opposition to Stones, Justin Kuraitis Motions to Dismiss in Mike Postle Poker Lawsuit

  • Plaintiffs say that Stones’ assertion that they are just sore losers is offensive
  • Argue that Kuraitis was key employee, not just “mid-level”
  • Lawsuit alleges that Mike Postle cheated in cash games with help of Stones insider
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The plaintiffs in the Mike Postle cheating case have filed oppositions to Stones’ and Justin Kuraitis’ Motions to Dismiss. [Image:]

Plaintiffs respond to card room

Attorney Maurice “Mac” VerStandig has filed two more documents for the plaintiffs in the case against Mike Postle, Stones Gambling Hall, and Justin Kuraitis. The documents specifically respond to Stones’ and Kuraitis’ Motions to Dismiss the case in which Postle has been accused of cheating in poker games.

may have had someone involved in the broadcast giving him a feed of his opponents’ hole cards

VerStandig represents nearly 90 plaintiffs who allege that Mike Postle cheated during numerous episodes of Stones Live cash game sessions.

While no “smoking gun” has been produced, after pouring over hours of video coverage, the poker community believes that Postle may have had someone involved in the broadcast giving him a feed of his opponents’ hole cards on an electronic device, possibly his smartphone.

The lawsuit was filed in October 2019 on behalf of 25 poker players; dozens more players have since added their names. The filing lists nine claims against Postle, King’s Casino LLC, the parent company of Sacramento’s Stones Gambling Hall, and Kuraitis, the director of Stones Live.

Refutes Stones’ hand-waving

In Stones’ Motion to Dismiss, which was filed in March and updated last month, the defense argues that the plaintiffs do not have enough evidence to prove any sort of cheating or fraud.

“….they rely on innuendos and insinuations that are not substitutes for facts or law,” the Motion states.

In Monday’s opposition document, VerStandig says that Stones is trying to wave off the lawsuit by saying the plaintiffs are all just a bunch of sore losers who

claim they were cheated because they cannot accept the superiority of an adversary.”

“To whittle Plaintiffs’ argument down to a disparaging conclusion is not only offensive to Plaintiffs,” VerStandig wrote, “but, too, to the very gaming community from which Stones draws its customer base.”

In the 60+ page document, VerStandig explains how Postle cheated and that, while Kuraitis and Stones claimed to have audits in place to make sure nothing illicit went on, they instead covered up the alleged cheating.

Kuraitis is important figure in case

The opposition to Kuraitis’ Motion to Dismiss is much shorter, just two pages if one doesn’t count the list of plaintiffs and the signature pages.

the opposition refutes Kuraitis’ claim that he cannot be liable for fraud

VerStandig first takes issue with Kuraitis’ claim that he is just a “mid-level employee,” explaining that he was the director of Stones Live. He was responsible for the security and production of the broadcast and was thus the most important person in the case besides Postle himself.

And second, the opposition refutes Kuraitis’ claim that he cannot be liable for fraud, saying he “personally made a series of demonstrably counterfactual statements” about the alleged cheating and security audits of the Stones Live games.

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