Las Vegas Doing All It Can to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

  • Las Vegas casinos are scared that revenues could drop significantly due to the coronavirus
  • These facilities have been increasing their cleaning and sanitizing efforts
  • Hand sanitizer machines have been installed everywhere
  • Casino stocks have taken a big hit the past few weeks due to concerns over the deadly virus
Welcome to Las Vegas sign at dusk
Las Vegas is stepping up efforts to minimize the impact of coronavirus following the first case of the deadly virus being confirmed in Southern Nevada. [Image:]

Doing everything possible

Both the authorities and the casinos in Las Vegas are doing everything they can to minimize any potential impact that the coronavirus could have on the city.

Executives of casino companies are very concerned that revenues could be significantly impacted otherwise, such as was seen in Macau in February.

implementing a lot of measures to ensure that their facilities are as clean as possible

Properties on the Las Vegas Strip have been implementing a lot of measures to ensure that their facilities are as clean as possible. This includes the likes of MGM Resorts International that has numerous properties in the area. 

Some of these measures include the installation of hand sanitizer machines around the higher traffic regions of the hotels. There are also further disinfectant procedures being implemented in these facilities.

Ramping up cleaning efforts

Many of the casinos have doubled up the number of people that clean slot machines. Dealers at the tables have been given hand sanitizer machines that they can use regularly after dealing cards and handling chips. 

Between the games, there is also the extensive cleaning of the tables. For bartenders in these casinos and hotels, they are being instructed to completely wipe their counters down every half an hour or so. 

Staff are working around the clock at the Palazzo and the Venetian’s bathrooms to sanitize all of the doors, toilets, and counters.

The frequency of destroying decks of cards at table games has been greatly increased. Areas that are frequently touched are also being regularly washed down and sanitized. 

Casino stocks taking a hit

With Macau’s casinos having to close for 15 days in February, causing an 88% drop in revenue, Las Vegas casinos are trying to be preemptive with these measures. 

Despite these efforts, stocks of the major casino companies have been taking a big hit since the coronavirus spread to the likes of the United States. Major companies like Wynn Resorts, Boyd Gaming, and MGM Resorts have all seen significant declines in their share price.

In a bid to prevent potential visitors from avoiding coming to Las Vegas, casino operators are trying to implement all sorts of safety measures to put their minds at ease. The casinos will be hoping that the situation does not worsen in the nation as the weeks go on. 

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