partypoker Updates Software, Adds Rabbit Hunting

  • Update automatically downloads first time players open up partypoker software
  • Diamonds virtual currency added to desktop, can be used to purchase rabbit hunts
  • Showdown equity now displayed during all-in situations
  • Heads-up cash game players must pay equal numbers of big blinds
woman playing online poker on desktop
partypoker has added the ability for players to rabbit hunt with its latest desktop software update. [Image:]

Update will download automatically

partypoker pushed out an update to its desktop software client on Thursday. The changes that most players will notice are things intended to simply make the games more enjoyable, like rabbit hunting and showdown equity displays.

Heads-up cash games have also been fixed to prevent players from taking advantage of a particular exploit.

things intended to simply make the games more enjoyable, like rabbit hunting and showdown equity displays

The update is automatically downloaded the first time players open up the partypoker software since it went live on March 5. The poker room also noted on the partypoker blog that other improvements have been made, but they are behind-the-scenes fixes that are not visible to players.

Rabbit hunting: what could have been

Players can now click a Rabbit Hunt button at the end of a hand. Rabbit hunting is the practice of looking to see which cards would have been dealt had the hand not ended prior to showdown. It is not generally permitted in live tournaments or in casinos.

Poker players tend to have mixed opinions on rabbit hunting. Many just find it fun to do; they want confirmation that they’ve made the right fold. Others don’t want to second-guess themselves and would rather not find out that they would have won the hand.

Rabbit hunting is currently only available in SPINS games on the desktop client. To rabbit hunt, players must spend Diamonds, partypoker’s virtual currency, which was only available on the mobile app before now.

Players earn Diamonds just by playing poker. On the mobile app, Diamonds can also be spent on objects to throw at players at the table. The feature will be coming to the desktop software at a later stage.

Showdown equity will also now be displayed on the table whenever two or more players are all-in in Hold’em games. The odds of each player winning are shown next to their names and updated with every new board card dealt.

Heads-up competitive fix

The online poker room also fixed an issue with heads-up cash games. With the new partypoker software update, heads-up players will be required to pay the same number of big blinds during their match, no matter how long it goes on for.

players cannot sit out or leave the table before the big blinds counts are even

Until now, some unscrupulous players would intentionally leave before having to pay a big blind. For example, two players might start a game and Player A would be in the big blind. Player B would play one hand from the small blind and then leave. Alternatively, they might play for a while, but Player B would leave before paying that one extra big blind that would even things out.

Starting Thursday, each person must pay the same number of big blinds. Players cannot sit out or leave the table before the big blind counts are even. If a player does leave (perhaps because they’ve closed the software entirely or disconnected), they will be dealt one more big blind and automatically folded.

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